Fans React to Ultraman Blazar Episode 12 “Let’s Go Blazar!”

Fans React to Ultraman Blazar Episode 12 “Let’s Go Blazar!”

Ultraman Blazar has been eliciting questions from us from day one and episode 12, “Let’s Go Blazar!” gave us some answers! How did Blazar and Gento merge? What is the nature of their relationship? Will SKaRD defeat Gebalga? Should Blazar be allowed to handle sharp objects? This week, it’s all addressed. 

After Blazar fled the battle, leaving Gento stranded, Chief Haruno and the rest of the higher ups seem to be skeptical of SKaRD’s competence, and their dependence on Ultraman. However, fans seem to return that energy, with many being skeptical of Chief Haruno himself… Make of that what you will.

Chief Haruno might say that Blazar is unpredictable, but no one can say the Ultra is inconsistent, since week after week he jumps in and helps out Earth Garon who stalls Kaiju at worst and minorly injures them at best.

Who doesn’t love a helping hand? Even Blazar uses tools to defend himself time and time again. This week’s gag was particularly epic as he stepped up from fishing rod into Tilsonite Sword, which was able to slice Gebalga into oblivion with an Overload Thunder Strike!

And yet, the boss-level-battle that stretched across two episodes was outshined by the beautiful moment between Gento and Blazar, a moment of cosmic reconnection and understanding.

Of course, the power-struggle between the two is a part of how they’ve functioned for a while now. It’s hard to imagine how they’ll interact now that they’ve communicated on the level they have. In fact, some fans define Gento and Blazar’s relationship by their feral-straight-man duo.

It’s all love at the end of the day though. Many pairings could be entertaining and struggle with internal conflicts, but Blazar and Gento are kept afloat by their tenderness.

In fact, this arc has been anticipated for a while now, as noticed by some especially attentive fans.

I mean, it is true, their chemistry is undeniable.

And then… this.

But many fans are worried about SKaRD. Blazar and Gento have been stepping in every week but without proof of SKaRD’s capabilities as a team, Gento’s captaining might become obsolete.

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So who can we trust? And will the people we’ve trusted all along be able to prove themselves to the unforgiving powers that be? What will come of Gento and Blazar’s dynamic now that they understand each other better? Will Earth Garon ever win a fight? Like… Ever? I thought we had answered questions, but it seems like there might be even more now!

Next week, things will shift into focus even more and hopefully we’ll get some answers. Be sure to join us every Friday at 8:30pm EST on the Ultraman Official YouTube channel for the premiere of new episodes and be sure to become a member of Ultraman Connection so you join us in the Discord, and stay updated for all the latest Ultraman news!