Do You Know Booska?

Do You Know Booska?

The Ultraman series has been around a very long time, and has taken on qualities and characters from other creations from Tsuburaya Productions. Perhaps the most famous of these “import” characters is Booska, the friendly beast with phenomenal cosmic power!

Despite his furry body and buck teeth, Booska is an iguana — or at least, was one before becoming the man-sized sweetheart he is today. With a mysterious spout on his head and a sparkle in his eye, the original Kaiju Booska had Booska as the pet of young brainiac Daisaku Tonda, who made him into a mighty monster armed with Boo Power!


What is Boo Power, you may ask? Well, it’s whatever it needs to be. That’s right, folks — Booska is capable of anything when steam spurts from the spout on his head. Forget seeing who’s stronger — it’s always Booska, if only because he can just make whatever he needs to win on the spot. It’s a gag!

When Kaiju Booska ended, Booska himself did not fade away, showing up in various sequel shows and stories, all focused on his mythology.

And then he popped up next to Kanegon as a waiter in the world of Ultraman Dyna!

That’s right, Booska became part of the Ultraman Series then and there, in the adorable special Ultraman Dyna: Return of Hanejiro. From that moment, Booska would show up relatively often as an ambassador for the Ultraman Series, usually in stage shows and magazines.

On TV, however, the next time we’d see Booska was… as the leader of an alien syndicate?!

Ultraman R_B_Booska Pigmon 2

No, not quite. He was the leader of a group consisting of him, Pigmon, and Dada, but their “big plot” was to throw a peace party for aliens around the universe to stop fighting and enjoy themselves. How very Booska of him! Of course, Dada, in a very Dada way, decided to pick a fight with the Ultraman brothers Rosso and Blu, and Booska had to punish him by shrinking him down with his Boo Power.

In many ways, Booska is actually like Emi, from Ultraman: Rising. A friendly new creature, possessed of incredible power, and learning the right way to live alongside good friends. If you like what you read about Booska, you should give Rising a try — and if you’re reading this after watching Rising, go and check out Booska, in Ultraman R/B! And of course, to learn everything there is to know about everything Ultraman, stay close to Ultraman Connection!