So You’ve Watched Ultraman: Rising. What’s Next?

So You’ve Watched Ultraman: Rising. What’s Next?

Ultraman: Rising is finally available on Netflix! We did it, guys! Shannon Tindle, John Aoshima, Christopher Sean, Yuki Yamada, everyone in the crew and at ILM that made this incredible movie happen, and it’s finally available!

…So what happens after you’re done?

Well, firstly, play it a few more times just to be safe. Three or four, certainly. Then, go online and tell us what you thought on our Twitter, and subscribe to our Newsletter to join the community. Then…

Well, you practically have the entire Ultraman Series at your disposal, now! Almost too many options, even. To help you decide what you want to do next, we’ve got a few good starting points for you.

Ultraman Mebius


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Released in 2006, Ultraman Mebius was the 40th Anniversary series for the Ultraman Series as a whole, and acted as a capstone to the original first generation of the series from the original Ultraman back in 1966 up to 1980’s Ultraman 80. It features Mirai Hibino, AKA Ultraman Mebius, the newest of the legendary Ultra Brothers, coming to Earth to protect them for the first time in 25 years alongside Team CREW GUYS. He couldn’t have chosen a better time to do so, as Kaiju have returned, heralding a much greater threat…

Boasting incredible practical effects that hold up incredibly even to this day, Mebius further distinguishes itself by helping to make it clear exactly what made the Ultraman Series of those halcyon days so great. With stories that reflect and call back to 40 years of episodes, as well as its own incredible narrative, Mebius is like going to an ice cream shop and getting to taste every flavor — and then finding the perfect balance between them all.

Ultraman Orb


Tubi | Shout Factory TV | Buy the Collection from Mill Creek Entertainment

The 50th Anniversary Production of the Ultraman Series and an entry in the ongoing “New Generation” of series, Ultraman Orb is the story of Gai Kurenai, a mysterious wanderer, and his alter-ego, Ultraman Orb. Gai has been on Earth a long time, protecting the planet and its people at great personal cost, and an old figure from his past seems to have his eyes set on costing him far, far more…

Orb is not merely a show, but a gateway to a massive story known as the Ultraman Orb Chronicle. Featuring multiple series, movies, and even written stories, Orb does all of this while telling a deep, character-driven story that embraces themes of forgiveness, cycles of revenge, and the weight of years — a great next step to Rising’s themes of parenthood, growing up, and coming to understand your family.

Ultraman Z


Youtube (Japanese with English Subtitles) | Youtube (English Dub)

Airing in 2020, Ultraman Z is the story of the eponymous Z, and his bonded partner, Haruki Natsukawa. Self-proclaimed disciple of the legendary Ultraman Zero, Z finds himself on Earth chasing down the rampaging Kaiju Genegarg, and when overwhelmed bonds with Haruki so that he can protect Earth alongside the robot-piloting members of STORAGE. However, Genegarg was only the beginning, as its controller, the mysterious Celebro, now has Earth in his sights…

Ultraman Z changed the way the Ultraman Series was viewed around the world, with millions of fans in dozens of countries enjoying Z and Haruki’s story. It was so popular, in fact, that Tsuburaya tried a brand-new, wonderful experiment — an English dub! Featuring Zeno Robinson as Haruki, and Matt Shipman as Z, with an all-star cast of voice actors, the Z dub means that you don’t have to read subtitles or know Japanese to enjoy the show!

Ultraman Arc


Maybe the best series to watch after Ultraman: Rising hasn’t come out yet — on July 6th, 2024, Ultraman Arc begins on Youtube and Japanese television, in both Japanese with multi-language subtitles and an English Simuldub! Yuma Hize, a young researcher with the Scientific Kaiju Investigation and Prevention center, or SKIP, finds his childhood dreams of heroism coming true, his imagination and bond with the mysterious Rution allowing him to become a new hero!

Before Arc comes out, there’s still a full multiverse of Ultraman shows you can watch! And if the choice is paralyzing… Well, maybe go watch Rising again! And for all the information you can stand on all of these shows and plenty more, stay close to Ultraman Connection! In fact, come back on Monday for the UC Review of Ultraman: Rising, from the whole team! See you then!