A Deep Dive on the Ultraman: Rising Footage from Netflix Geeked Week!

A Deep Dive on the Ultraman: Rising Footage from Netflix Geeked Week!

After a long, excited wait, Netflix Geeked Week is almost here! And more importantly, Ultraman: Rising is part of it! We’ve talked about the formerly-untitled Shannon Tindle/John Aoshima project for Netflix several times prior to this, but now that Geeked Week is actually coming — starting November 6th — we finally have some footage to talk about!

A little bit of footage, anyway!

We actually don’t have much to show you before Netflix does — and when they do show it, it’s gonna be incredible — but we’re Ultraman Connection, and nobody is better at poring over details than we are! With that in mind, let’s take a look!

Batter Up!

The first image we have here is, well, of a baseball player! From the earliest descriptions of the movie that were released, we were told about Ken Sato, a baseball player set to take up the role of Ultraman during the movie. If this is Ken (And personally, we think it is), then it appears to be him during a game — one about to be very rudely interrupted by what appears to be an aircraft of some sort falling out of the sky in a ball of fire. Whuh-oh, Ken. Hope you already have those Ultraman powers…

Burning Before Her Eyes…

Our second moment of footage introduces a female character, one we’ve not seen anything about. What she’s seeing, however, is… well, there’s no other word but dire. What appears to be a house or small compound is engulfed in flames orders of magnitude larger than the tinder it’s using — all while this woman watches, powerless, from some sort of bench or desk. Is she watching it through a hologram, or is she on the scene? Either way, is there anything she can do?


Lordy lord, what a punch! This is our first real look at the action of Rising in motion, and whatever this kaiju is, there’s going to be a fist-shaped dent in its face if it shows up again in the movie. The way the movie utilizes impact frames is incredible, the use of negative color adding to the sheer, well, impact of the blow. I’m increasingly excited to see how Rising’s action turns out after this, and we can’t wait to see how the full trailer turns out.

That’s all we’ve got folks! Just a little bit to whet your appetizers, but it’s certainly got us here at UC drooling for more! We know we’ll see more during Netflix’s Geeked Week, starting November 6th, so come back then for a much bigger analysis!