Absolute Titan & Gina Spectre Join Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad! First Look of Absolutian’s Ruthless Assassin & Gua Trio’s Lone Sister!

Absolute Titan (pronounced as Titahn), the third Absolutian, was unveiled at Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad x TAMASHII NATION ONLINE 2021, a special livestream event held last Saturday, November 20th.

Also announced at the event, Gina Spectre, leader of the Gua Army, and only sister of the Gua Trio, will also join the fight! She recently appeared live on stage in 6 Ultra Brothers THE LIVE: Ultraman Vol.2, which ran at the Hakuhinkan Theatre in Ginza, Tokyo, November 12th-14th.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad is the third story arc of the direct to YouTube Ultra Galaxy Fight series. It follows Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes, and Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy. The second arc introduced some of the most powerful foes ever to cross the Ultra Heroes—the Absolutians.

In Absolute Conspiracy, villain Absolute Tartarus used his power to traverse time and space to collect some of the most vicious Kaiju in history to engage the Ultras in a battle across the cosmos. Since the finale of that series, we were introduced to Absolute Diavolo (first glimpsed in Ultraman Connection Live: Ultraman Official YouTube Special) and more recently, Diavolo and Tartarus battled Ultraman Trigger and Ultraman Ribut on the Ultraman Trigger series. Finally, at the conclusion of Ultraman Connection Live Featuring Dyna & Gaia, we glimpsed what appeared to be Ultraman Regulos somehow trapped in deep space by the Absolutians! So, The Destined Crossroads is shaping up to be a major turning point in the history of Ultraman.

Absolute Titan: The Third Ultimate Life Form and a Ruthless Assassin

Absolute Titan, the Ultimate Life Form

Height: 56m

Weight: 50,000t

• An Absolutian swordsman.

• A cold-hearted assassin who slices through opponents with a razor-sharp sword and blades on both arms. He respects and acknowledges true strength, even in his enemies which often puts him at odds with fellow Absolutian, Diavolo.

Voice of Absolute Titan: Hiroki Yasumoto

Hello! My name is Hiroki Yasumoto, and I will be playing the voice of Absolute Titan.

I have a very deep connection with the Ultraman series, and I’m thrilled to be a part of this new chapter. Now, just who is this Absolute Titan? I’m really excited for everyone to watch and find out. My personal thoughts on the character are that he is a rational soldier, or so it would seem. I will do my best to make him shine on screen – even brighter than his golden armor. I hope you enjoy the character and the show.

Gina Spectre: Gua Army Commander, only sister of the three Gua Siblings

Gina Spectre, the Phantom Space Queen




·        One of the three GuaCommanders plotting to rule the entire universe.


·        Brought back to play apart in Absolute Tartarus’ conspiracy.


·        Cold-hearted and cruel,she uses a snake-shaped electromagnetic whip to punish her enemies. However,she has a deep love for her older brother, Mold, and her younger brother, Juda,and seeks a great power in order to revive them.


Voice of Gina Spectre: Ayaka Nanase

I’m Ayaka Nanase and I play the voice of Gina Spectre. It is a tremendous honor to be a part of the thrilling fight scenes of the Ultra Galaxy Fight series! I play a villain, it’s true, but she cares deeply for her siblings. I hope you will feel the passion and intensity of the character.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroads is scheduled for release sometime in 2022. Developments are flying in fast and furious so stay tuned to Ultraman Connection for all the news!