Across the Nation Fans Go Wild Over Shin Ultraman

Across the Nation Fans Go Wild Over Shin Ultraman

The Monster Report & Son

On Wednesday, January 11, 2023, Ultraman fans came out in droves for the Fathom Events release of Shin Ultraman! Social media was abuzz with fan gatherings, snaps of the auditoriums, and through the roof reviews of the film. 

The release’s second night will boast an excellent English-language dub of Shin Ultraman, and you still have a chance at purchasing tickets by clicking here.

In the meantime, we at Ultraman Connection took the liberty of assembling some pics of you, the fans, assembling for the thrill of a lifetime—the arrival of our hero Ultraman in American movie theaters. 

@SRFlubber arrives for the 7pm showing.

Yoko Higuchi brought friends!

Jessie Elias wore his Ultraman Connection swag!

Meek Ale is ready for action.

Right up there with the biggest movies in Hollywood!

A ticket from Rave Fallen Timbers, Maumee, Ohio!

Everyone loved the preshow quiz, which @Klenda_V called “oddly specific.”

Ultraman Connection logo on the big screen — one of our proudest moments ever!

Iceberg Theory in the house — Columbus, Ohio!

The Andrew Wong crowd out of Connecticut!

First-hand knowledge: New York boasted a sellout crowd!

Screenings ended with big applause and happy fans!

Cold weather did not deter tough New Yorkers!

Ultraman Connection beams love to all our fans! SCHUWATCHHH!