Alien Profile: Valky

Alien Profile: Valky

Last week, we took a look at the dastardly Alien Mefilas, and his ULTRAMAN counterpart, Mephisto, as part of a celebration of ULTRAMAN FINAL Season, which is now available on Netflix. This week, we’re going to take a look at a similarly famous — but perhaps a little more… unhinged — alien in the history of the Ultraman Series, who also got a… very interesting interpretation in ULTRAMAN. It’s time to talk about Valky.

Ultraman Taro

The original Alien Valky was a self-proclaimed “space fisherman,” who came to Earth to conquer the planet through its oceans, using its pet shark-whale, or “Samekujira.” A cowardly rogue, Ultraman Taro did not destroy him; instead, he panicked and ran, swearing revenge after the Ultra killed the rampaging Shark-Whale.

Instead, Valky returned after Taro had left Earth, seeking to kill the Ultra’s former host, Kotaro Higashi, now that he no longer had the Ultra’s power. Despite the danger, Kotaro was able to prevail, using an oil refinery that the alien was rampaging through and detonating it to burn Valky to death and end his threat.

Ultraman Ginga and the New Generation

Valky appeared several decades later, as a major antagonist in Ultraman Ginga. Revived from Spark Doll stasis by the evil Dark Lugiel, Valky served as his primary lieutenant for the first part of the series, distributing Dark Dummy Sparks and Spark Dolls in order to further Lugiel’s evil plans. Theatrical and over the top with a penchant for peppering in English in his speech, Valky was defeated and returned to a Spark Doll by Ultraman Ginga and Jean-Nine.

In addition, several Valkys have appeared since this return — always over the top, but occasionally friendlier, and rarely an effective threat.


In FINAL Season, we are introduced to Valkyura, an alien femme fatale who serves the mysterious Mephisto. Playful to the point of derangement and an incredibly acrobatic fighter, she seems to be focused on Mephisto’s goal of eradicating Ultraman entirely… though she certainly seems to have a lot of fun focusing on Taro. What a fitting parallel.

As to what she’s really after or what happens to her, you’ll have to watch ULTRAMAN FINAL Season for that! Luckily, you can check the season out right now, on Netflix. And for more secrets about the series, including our review, on Ultraman Connection!