Announcing Ultraman Connection’s Spookiest Kaiju Contest!

Announcing Ultraman Connection’s Spookiest Kaiju Contest!

Nobody does Kaiju better than Ultraman — if you’re here on UC, you know that already. Most of the titanic critters of the series have achieved fame and popularity through coolness, cuteness, or just outright hilarious looks! Every once in a while, though, we get something… a little less fun. A genuinely unsettling, weird, even terrifying monster that gets stuck not just in our memories, but in our nightmares.

Now that the Halloween season is almost here, Ultraman Connection is reaching out to the fans to give a spotlight to these terrors, with a special poll on Discord. We’re including 5 contestants here in this article, and posing the question to you Ultraman Connection members: Which is the creepiest Kaiju in the Ultraman Series?

The poll will be up until monday, 10/30 at 6 PM EST, and the winner and runner-up will get a special feature article: The winner on Halloween itself, and the runner-up on November 2nd, the Day of the Dead. Make sure to join our Discord to make your opinion known and tell us which Kaiju is too creepy to not cover!

With that in mind, here are our contestants…

Nosferu — Ultraman Nexus

Starting off with a real terror, Nosferu is a Space Beast, a ravenous, murderous Kaiju from the stars and a recurring pawn of the mysterious “Unknown Hand.” Armed with a powerful regenerative ability and a hunger for human flesh to heal his wounds, Nosferu is responsible in many ways for the tragic circumstances of the Dark Giant known as Dark Faust — and that same giant’s demise.

Sealizar — Ultraman Tiga

What’s scarier than a Kaiju? How about the ambulatory, rotting corpse of a kaiju, washed up on shore like a beached whale and threatening to plunge an entire coastline into ecological disaster as its fetid body continues to move inland, decomposing and regenerating endlessly, as gasses build up within it towards an apocalyptic explosion? Eugh. 

Greeza — Ultraman X

Creepiness comes in all shapes and sizes — and in some cases, in no shape or size at all… Greeza is one of the most unsettling things ever to appear in an Ultraman Series, a void with intent that threatens to consume all light and life in its path, moving and twitching unnaturally as it violently beats back any who seek to stop its rampage. And that’s only the beginning…

Silverbloome — Ultraman Leo

Sometimes, what makes a Kaiju terrifying isn’t what it looks like, but what it does. And there are few Kaiju who have done more in a truly nightmarish way than Silverbloome. Seemingly benign at a glance, this Saucer Monster is responsible for one of the greatest atrocities in all of the Ultraman Series — the utter annihilation of a defense team.

Mezard — Ultraman Gaia

Most Kaiju, as harrowing as they are, tend to be solitary entities, a singular aberration in the balance of the universe. Not the Mezard. This species of invading horrors is responsible for many of the most dangerous battles in Ultraman Gaia, and they just keep coming… and getting stronger as they go. The original, Psycho, and Queen Mezards are some of Gaia’s most unsettling foes.

Voting will open right after this article goes up on our Discord (members only!) and will be open until 6 PM EST on 10/30. Pay attention to Ultraman Connection to see if your pick won!