Breaking Down the Ultraman Arc Final Trailer!

Breaking Down the Ultraman Arc Final Trailer!

It’s here, and even bigger than we could have imagined! (Har har.) Ultraman Arc has released its final trailer, and there was so much there to talk about! Let’s go blow-by-blow on the English dub trailer and try and figure out what’s really happening, and what we’re just imagining. (Last time we use this joke, we promise.)


Talking with Yuma
In a major shift from previous New Generation trailers, we are introduced immediately to Yuma Hize, our protagonist — in that he’s going to be our narrator! He knows the story better than anyone — he’s living it after all. It’s an approach the show hasn’t taken in a long time, and it works here. It also makes it easier for us to learn exactly what’s going on!


Staring at SKIP
In addition to Yuma, we get to finally see SKIP in action, and — huh, they really aren’t a “defense team” as we have come to know them, are they? Instead of weapons, they have instruments, sophisticated equipment for studying Kaiju rather than battling them. It’s a refreshing contrast to SKaRD from Ultraman Blazar. There’s only one person on the team with any combat capability — GDF Special Investigator Shu Ishido, with his “Elemagun,” that we get a peek at in this trailer. It’s pistol-sized, but apparently is useful against Kaiju — can’t wait to see what that thing fires.

YouPi isn’t anything like Earth Garon, or Sevenger, or even HANE2 — they’re very clearly made for human-sized jobs, and sometimes even smaller, thanks to their ability to split into You-bot and Pi-body. Rin, having been in charge of their development, clearly did a good job with YouPi, and she seems to be eager to get along with Yuma too! Chief Hiroshi, meanwhile, seems like the perfect leader for the group — a lead, rather than simply a boss. Though, he does seem to be a bit stressed by what’s going on from the looks of the trailer…

Eyes on Arc


One of the earliest looks at Ultraman Arc that we get, ironically, isn’t actually him, but the drawing that seems to be responsible for his creation! Drawn on an old notebook, we know that Arc is Yuma’s idea of “the strongest hero”, but it does appear to be literal! This may answer some questions about where a number of Arc’s other powers come from — literally derived from Yuma’s childhood imagination!

Speaking of curious elements of Arc, what’s the deal with those armors? They look great, but can only be accessed when Arc’s color timer is flashing red? Does that mean it’s not an indicator of Arc’s health, and perhaps his time limit? There’s a lot we still don’t know on that end…

The Kaiju are Coming!


Speaking of things that can make Arc’s color timer flash red, we got a look at a number of Kaiju that he will be battling in the early episodes! And astonishingly, every single one is new! That’s THREE new Kaiju — a chelonian (that means turtle-like) Kaiju we saw in the first trailer, identified as Shagong, as well as an elephantine creature and one that resembles a rat mixed with a pachycelephosaurus. All of these creatures look quite unique, with the long-trunked one seeming to come right out of the Classic era, as befitting Arc’s throwback vibe!

Who’s that Voice?
If you checked out the English version of the special trailer (and we hope you did), we got all the main voice actors here for at least one line — and they sound great! Some sound familiar, even. So who are they?

Well, we can’t actually tell you that here. That information will be coming soon, so stay tuned — and feel free to speculate on our twitter, @UltramanConnect. And for more Ultraman Arc news, make sure to stay close to Ultraman Connection!