Comparing Great Invasions: What Ultraman Blazar’s V99 Invasion Could Have Been

Comparing Great Invasions: What Ultraman Blazar’s V99 Invasion Could Have Been

It’s been just over a month since Ultraman Blazar ended, with the armada of the V99 narrowly being diverted from their planned invasion by the heartfelt pleas of the SKaRD team, especially Emi Aobe. The worst case scenario was prevented, thankfully.

But what if it hadn’t been? What if the invasion had gone on, and the forces of Earth had to contend against a massively-powerful alien armada? Such disasters are thankfully rare in the Ultraman Series — but it has happened before. One of these times, in fact, is known in the series as “The Greatest Invasion in History” — and it’s hard to disagree with the title.

That moment occurred in the final set of episodes of Ultraseven, at the end of a long chain of attempted subversive invasions by species after species of alien. The last species to try was the Alien Ghos, and, for lack of a better word, the Ghos weren’t playing around.

Hoping to take out the Ultra Guard, as well as Ultraseven, Earth’s defender from the Land of Light, before invading in earnest, the Ghos kidnapped UG member Amagi and released Pandon, the two-faced, fire-breathing Kaiju so dreaded that its coming was foretold in… the show’s theme song. (Not a joke!) Though Seven was able to defeat Pandon and even sever its limbs, its retreat left the hero a shattered wreck, as the injuries of dozens of conflicts began to add up and threaten his life.

Undeterred by Pandon’s defeat and satisfied that Seven was incapacitated, the Ghos moved forward with their proper Invasion plan. Using Amagi as a mouthpiece, the Ghos made a massive demand of the governments of Earth — surrender unilaterally, or face annihilation. With subterranean drill missiles aimed at every major capital on the planet, the Ghos were in a position to make good on their threats — and make good they did. Moscow, New York, London, Paris — all annihilated in a nightmarish firestorm from underground.

With half an hour left for the remaining governments of Earth to surrender, the Ghos set their sights on Tokyo. Though on death’s door and being actively dragged back to the Land of Light to recover and face consequences for his time on Earth, Dan could not leave humanity in the hands of the invaders, and with the last of his strength, he said farewell to Anne, revealing his true identity as Ultraseven, and transformed to fight the Ghos in their volcanic fortress within Mt. Kumagatake.

Destroying the base and saving Amagi as the Ultra Guard drill in from below to do the same, Seven reunites his rescued friend with the Ultra Guard before the final weapon of the Ghos rises from the magma — Pandon, reconstructed with cyborg parts. In Seven’s state he was having difficulty standing against Pandon, but after the Ultra Guard, now aware of Seven’s true identity, distract the Kaiju long enough for the giant of light to decapitate it with his Eye Slugger, ending the Greatest Invasion in History… as well as his time on Earth.

The Greatest Invasion in History is the first and so far only time that such massive destruction was wreaked on Earth by any alien. However, between Valaron, Gebalga, and the other space Kaiju released by V99, the aborted invasion in Ultraman Blazar could have been similarly bad, or even worse. Thankfully, thanks to the efforts of SKaRD, that didn’t happen. To find out more about the incredible events, stay close to Ultraman Connection!