Zoom. Skype. Google Hangouts. A lot of us have been using them in the past couple of months to stay connected and stay safe. The talented team behind Ultraman is no exception; we’ve been keeping in touch remotely so that we can continue to chart realms beyond imagination, and we’ve decided to share some of what we’ve found with you.

Take a look at these four backgrounds, taken from Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes and provided to you exclusively from Ultraman Galaxy! You can click on any of the images to get them full-size; then, save them directly to your computer, tablet, or phone. After all, why talk with friends from your living room when you could be in headquarters of the Inter Galactic Defense Force?

Or on Planet O-50, where Ultraman Orb gained his power?

Or Liquitor, the Planet of Water? It was known for the first planet in which Ultraman Ribut first appeared on screen.

Or even Sundowin, the Planet of Twilight? It might wake up some nightmare as the first planet where the League of Darkness showed up.

Use them as much as you like and on whatever platform you use! We just ask that you help us out with the following stipulations:

  • This imagery is for personal video meeting usages. Use them as much as you’d like in those settings, but please don’t use them commercially.
  • Because of that, you can change the size and slightly crop the imagery to fit whatever video messaging application your using, so long as you don’t alter or remix the imagery in other ways.

As a bonus, don’t forget all of the great Ultraman content that is available online. Why not check out the full-length version of Ultra Galaxy Fight: New Generation Heroes, which is available in English for free right now!

These backgrounds are part of “Stay at Home With ULTRAMAN,” our program to support our fans in this difficult time. As we are all confined to our homes, unable to meet with friends and family, we want to support our fans by releasing more content to brighten your day and help you stay strong during this global crisis.

Check back regularly to Ultraman Galaxy for more media, exclusive content, and updates!