As usual, ‘Blazar is crazy good this week’! Ultraman Blazar Episode 10, "Parent and Child," gave us an inside look at Gento’s home life, which everyone has been dying to see since episode 1, while also lending us a new perspective on Gento and Blazar’s dynamic. This episode gave us a visit from everyone’s favorite Mecha, Earth Garon, a wild Ultra-Host-face-off, a Kaiju relationship unlike any we’ve seen so far in this series, and the kind of wisdom that’s so simple that it’s clearest when coming out of the mouth of a child- Or the sonic scream of a wild Ultra! 

First of all, we must address the elephant in the room… 

Gento’s family is just as cute as any of us imagined, but it is crazy to see our daily world reflected back to us in mundane ways that surprisingly hit home. The franchise is changing to encapsulate our reality as it is, and that reality is made of tablet-babies, and Jun Hiruma is the best one yet. 

And after seeing the power of familial bonds, everyone was excited to see the same dynamic of love, only this time represented by Kaiju! 

Of course, the sweetness of the Demaaga-Mama-Demaaga-Baby situation definitely complicates things. It’s not seeming as black-and-white, Kaiju-VS-humanity as it once did. Aren’t we all just trying to protect our young?

We’re not the only ones who seemed to switch sides after Demaaga’s serious appeal to emotion, though. It seems after yet another Blazar-body-snatch, seeing the world through Gento’s eyes as a parent helped Blazar see a new, more tender side of life. 

Even though Gento seemed to be the one fighting to protect humans without remorse for the Demaaga family, Blazar seems to represent the most primal parts of Gento in some ways. Maybe the instinct to protect the Kaiju is even more natural to Gento than he knows and Blazar was just what he needed to unlock that. Or maybe Blazar’s just got more manpower! Both are very likely. 

Some viewers seemed uncertain. Many felt that Gento was inspired by his son to protect instead of defeat, and while I do think he ultimately internalized that, he needed a little “Blazin’ time” to really embrace that. 

Despite the emotional center of the episode, Blazar managed to steal the show yet again with another new power move. The weekly reveals of his capabilities have all of us feeling confused, excited, and hungry for more! 

And finally, a huge thank you to the incredible episode writer, the late Sumio Uetake, who wove some beautiful stitches into the tapestry of Ultraman history with his writing. 

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