Fans React to Ultraman Blazar Episode 17 “The Wandering Zangill”

Fans React to Ultraman Blazar Episode 17 “The Wandering Zangill”

Every week, Ultraman Blazar episodes leave us wondering how they can ever be topped, and every week the proof is in the intergalactic pudding. Episode 17, “The Wandering Zangill”, has done it again. The episode subverted our expectations of our alien guest’s intentions, allowing us to experience the relief of a heartfelt bond through Gento, who is so often left to his own devices, and culminated in an insane climactic battle that brought back some favorite Kaiju of Blazar’s past- What more could any of us ask for?

The people love Zangill! A space samurai with a code of honor tied to the protection and cultivation of souls in the afterlife? I mean, come on — if you love Ultras for their values, what’s not to love about this guy?

Zangill’s respect for and connection to Japanese culture resonated with American tokusatsu fans and Japanese fans alike. For instance, there was the potential deeper significance of his mission to aid the crossing over of 108 souls.

However, Zangill wasn’t the only star of the show. Nijikagachi’s return took the world by storm. Talk about a serious grudge!

In addition we got some insight on the capabilities of Kaiju post-mortem in Blazar. Do all Kaiju go to heaven, or to the Monster Graveyard like in other Ultraman Series entries? Well, we’re not sure about that, but now we know they can definitely come back to Earth!

Alas, as all bad things must end, so must all good things. Zangill and Blazar defeated all threats with synchronicity, mutual respect, and a shared goal of making the world a better place and for that, we will always hold their bond in our hearts.

Although the relief of sharing the great responsibility of defending Earth was short lived, it’s just as valuable as it would have been, had Zangill joined SKaRD himself.

For now, we mourn the loss of our new friend, but as always, we must rejoice in the ambiguity and potential for what might happen in the future. Be sure to join us every Friday at 8:30pm EST on the Ultraman Official YouTube channel for the premiere of new episodes and be sure to become a member of Ultraman Connection so you join us in the Discord and stay updated for all the latest Ultraman news!