Fans React to Ultraman Blazar Episode 19 “Light and Flame”

Fans React to Ultraman Blazar Episode 19 “Light and Flame”

As we approach the climax of the series, the puzzle pieces of Ultraman Blazar are beginning to snap into place — and we’re on the edge of our seats. In episode 19, “Light and Flame,” Emi is faced with the truth about her father’s disappearance, the SKaRD team find themselves under scrutiny for their perceived reliance on Blazar, the mystery of V99 is finally unpacked, and all the while Irugo larvae are nesting ominously underground. Tensions are high! 

Emi has been blighted by her lack of understanding of what happened to her father throughout the series. Now we know that he was at ground zero for the explosion that occurred when he and his fellow scientists at Site 66 were attempting to reverse-engineer the wormhole technology — Something that mysteriously arrived on Earth in 1999. He might be gone now, but he left her one important gift. A locket with her baby photo and the inscription of her birthday — Erm, well, someone’s birthday… 

Our favorite Libra, Emi, might have some daddy issues, but what’s worse than a forgetful father? An angry mother! We barely even got a chance to see those parasitic Irugo Larvae before Brood Gebalga, the Space Pollution Kaiju, violently sprouted from beneath the surface, twice the size of the last Gebalga we saw, and ready to defend and spread her larvae throughout the country — and maybe the world. 

Blazar came to the rescue immediately to help our favorite mecha, Earthy, who unfortunately didn’t stand a chance against Brood Gebalga — the thing could probably swallow him in one gulp if it tried. Blazar himself, however, couldn’t have done it on his own either. In fact, he needed Emi’s help — and Emi needed the help of her father’s apparition. With the power of love for her father and faith in Ultraman, Emi was able to release Firdran, the Fire Dragon Kaiju to save Blazar from his entrapment inside Brood Gebalga. And what do you know? Emi and her father weren’t the only ones reuniting! 

With the energy that could only be cultivated by a boy overwhelmed with love after rejoicing with his long-lost pet and trusty accomplice, Blazar assumes his final form. 

While Blazar uses the second Tilsonite Sword, and the Firdran Armor, to prevail against the relentless Brood Gebalga after she broke his first one, he sure does live up to his name: The city is left ablaze and he stands proudly against his adversary amongst the damage and giant flames. Pretty awesome right?

Yeah, everyone’s definitely gonna need to call their insurance companies after this one… Yikes! This episode was fiery and intense to say the least, but most importantly, it burned bright in our hearts. 

It’s not all left wrapped in a bow quite yet though. In the final scene we’re met with the conniving Dobashi, who steals the diary Emi’s father left her and announces that the overseer of SKaRD, Retsu, has been suspended on the grounds of “protecting world peace.” Yeah… We don’t buy it. This guy’s a creep! 

How will SKaRD get to the bottom of Dobashi’s intentions? What else is in Emi’s father’s diary? Will we learn more about Ultraman Blazar’s origin? Will Space Kaiju ever stop tormenting the Earth? In the final act of Blazar, we hope these answers to be revealed! Be sure to join us every Friday at 8:30pm EST on the Ultraman Official YouTube channel for the premiere of new episodes and be sure to become a member of Ultraman Connection so you join us in the Discord and stay updated for all the latest Ultraman news!