Fans React to Ultraman Blazar Episode 21 “Battle in the Sky”

Fans React to Ultraman Blazar Episode 21 “Battle in the Sky”

This week, on Ultraman Blazar Episode 21 “Battle in the Sky”, we got a spotlight on the SKaRD members who have the closest bond with everyone’s favorite mecha, Earth Garon. Yasunobu and Anri are faced with more red tape from the higher ups when Yasunobu fails his flight test and is banned from piloting Earth Garon. That doesn’t stop them from teaming up against Deltandal Bomber, a larger brother to the original Deltandal Fighter we met in episode 14. 

Firstly, Deltandal B’s design is intimidating to say the least. With all the elements of a huge beast and a militant fighter weapon combined, Deltandal B, standing at 300 meters, would tap into anyone’s megalophobia. Well except for those who prefer big guys!

Deltandal B might be big, but Anri and Yasunobu are packing heat too! Since episode 1, fans have been eager to remind everyone that Konomi Naito (Anri) and Hayate Kajihara (Yasunobu) have an awesome shared side hustle. 

Many fans are skeptical of Deltandal B. Even though SKaRD prevailed, there were some unique challenges to this adversary…

The pressure being put on SKaRD continues to rise as Blazar is credited time and time again with the Kaiju kills. This time Blazar might’ve gotten the KO but he didn’t steal the show all together. We got to see the SKaRD team step up as a unit. 

Regardless of who got the final blow, the fight was undoubtedly a group effort and a visually delicious one at that!

The plot continues to thicken, bonds grow stronger, Kaiju continue to get more bizarre and relentless, and SKaRD continues on their tour, decked out in costume ready to teach Kaiju safety to the children of Japan! 

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