Fans React to Ultraman Blazar Episode 23 “Visitor 99”

Fans React to Ultraman Blazar Episode 23 “Visitor 99”

Ultraman Blazar episode 23 “Visitor 99” gives us some shocking insight on the true intentions of the Kaiju that our SKaRD team previously defeated. With the threat of the “third wave” of space Kaiju approaching, SKaRD jumps into action once again, this week facing off against Taganular — although it seems that the Deltandals and Taganulars have been preparing to defend earth from an even greater threat... 

After so many battles and so little rest, Gento finds himself exhausted and on the verge of physical collapse so his good friend Blazar took things into his own hands… or should I say fists. Who doesn’t need to be knocked out to get a good night’s sleep every once in a while?

Against doctor’s orders, Gento pushed past his limits in the name of helping SKaRD tackle the second Taganular in the Mohave Desert, while Earth Garon stood on business handling the first.

We also learn that Taganular’s beam shot in episode 3 was a defensive force meant to hit Gebalga and further protect Earth!

Now we all feel bad for having antagonized all the Deltandals and Taganulars…

And this episode is particularly special to Ultraman Connection. Our editor-in-chief, EJ Couloucoundis, makes a cameo you’re not gonna want to miss!  

With Ultraman Blazar coming to an end soon, there is still plenty to unpack and a final boss to face off and we’re all on the edge of our seats. Be sure to join us every Friday at 8:30pm EST on the Ultraman Official YouTube channel for the premiere of new episodes and be sure to become a member of Ultraman Connection so you join us in the Discord and stay updated for all the latest Ultraman news!