Fans React To Ultraman Blazar Episode 8 “Rainbow Appears: Part 2”

Fans React To Ultraman Blazar Episode 8 “Rainbow Appears: Part 2”

This week we saw our two-part-Nijikagachi-arc come to a finale in an epic way with Ultraman Blazar Episode 8 "Rainbow Appears: Part 2". We got to know more about quiet hero and beloved SKaRD member, Teruaki, we got a closer look at Gento’s dynamic with Blazar, we got a new Earth Garon form, and even a new Blazar power! Tons of stuff to unpack, and unpack you did… 

First of all, this episode was eye-candy from start to finish. Everyone can agree that the whole Blazar series exemplifies a level of aesthetic attention that anyone can appreciate.

Many fans compare Ultraman Blazar to some of the Showa era Ultraman series because of it’s pacing, attention to story, and even some recurring Kaiju from the Showa era. However, with its many modern embellishments, it also seems to be defining the Reiwa era of Ultraman in an exciting way! 

This episode wasn’t just a burst of rainbows, though. In fact, we got some pretty intense insight on SKaRD member Teruaki Nagura, who up until this point hadn’t got his own focus episode. This week we got a chance to learn his philosophy, which in many ways perfectly reflects the philosophy of any earth defense force. Though we make mistakes, humans are worth the effort to save, because all creatures of nature deserve protection to the best of our best abilities, including ourselves and each other. His speech was so good it almost thawed out the Professor’s jaded, icy heart! 

Teruaki wasn’t the only one to get philosophical this episode. Gento himself was faced with the moral question of utilitarianism versus deontology and his choice left people thinking- Mostly thinking supportive thoughts- But still… Thinking. 

As fun as it is to play with schools of thought, you can’t ponder moral quandaries for that long while watching Ultraman Blazar. It’s way too fun for that! I mean who wouldn’t get excited to see Blazar exercise an awesome new power. 

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And yet, no matter how much fun we have in battle alongside Blazar, the show truly does have something to say. Maybe the moral quandaries are the fun part! 

The next episode of Ultraman Blazar will be coming out this Friday with much more to unpack so be sure to join us at 8:30pm EST on the Ultraman Official YouTube channel for the premiere of new episodes and be sure to become a member of Ultraman Connection so you join us in the Discord and stay updated for all the latest Ultraman news!