Goliath Coins Brings a Special Ultraman Series Offer to UC Fans!

Goliath Coins Brings a Special Ultraman Series Offer to UC Fans!

Goliath Coins, makers of high-quality collectible coins, has teamed up with Tsuburaya Productions and the Licensing Group for a second time, following up their gorgeous Ultraseven 55th Anniversary coin with a brand new series based on the original 1966 Ultraman series — and the first people getting a special deal are UC members like you!

Each coin is sculpted using 3D art, featuring the Giant of Light himself, as well as four of his greatest foes — Alien Baltan, Gomora, Alien Mefilas, and Zetton. The back of each Kaiju coin features the footprint of each of these immortal characters, while Ultraman himself features his “signature” in the Ultra Sign language. Both feature the official Ultraman logo as well. At a titanic 2.75 inches (69.85 mm) in diameter, these larger-than-life coins — practically medallions — don’t miss a scrap of detail and are pleasant to hold and display at 4 ounces.

UC caught up with Goliath Coins owner Joe Ward to get his thoughts on the collection, and he had this to say: 

“It was a lot of fun, but also very challenging.  We wanted to capture not only the detail but the spirit of Ultraman and the Kaiju in these coins.  Tsuburaya was very good to work with and had great suggestions during the design process.  The end result speaks for itself and we are very proud of these coins.”

Each of the five coins is available for $21.99, but Goliath has let UC in on a little secret, just for members like you — if you order all five coins at once, not only will the price reduce to $100, but you’ll also received the previous Goliath Coins Ultraseven coin as well!

This deal is only being advertised to people in the know at UC, and will only be available for the next 30 days. 100 sets are currently available to ship now, but if you make an order after that 100 sells out, don’t worry — a second wave is in production to be shipped out in May, so don’t hesitate to jump on this deal while it lasts!

To pick up your Ultraman coins, head to the official Goliath Coins Ultraman page, and from all of us at UC, Goliath, and The Licensing Group, happy shopping!