Major Changes Coming to Ultraman Connection

Major Changes Coming to Ultraman Connection

To all Ultraman Connection users:

Sincerely, thank you for your continued support for Ultraman Connection.

For the past several years, we at Ultraman Connection have been dedicated to bringing our love for the Ultraman series to fans like you, all around the world, so that we can share the joy and excitement of the show we all care about.

With that in mind, in order to continue growing and evolving this community, a number of changes are coming to the Ultraman Connection website, in order to simplify the website and make it easier to link with the other websites related with Ultraman.

The first order of business is one we’re really excited for — to connect with more Ultraman fans around the world, we will be making the Ultraman Connection Discord public. Let’s welcome more fans with open arms, and find even more to love about Ultraman all together!
More details about the future changes in Discord will be announced in the future.

Our shop will be folded into the Ultraman Amazon official store ( This store includes a wider variety of goods from various licensees, and will regularly be renewed to include more new and exciting products. Ultraman Connection will continue to post reviews about licensee goods along with all kinds of articles related to Ultraman, so be sure to stay tuned.

Unfortunately, as a part of these changes, the Exclusive Videos and Video Rental sections will be closed. All content that was once hosted on these sections will be transferred to other services and future releases. Please stay tuned with the latest Ultraman video content on the ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube channel:

The schedule of the site renewal will be the following:
 - Final day to access the Shop page: April 23rd (Tue), 2024
 - Final day to access the Exclusive Video page: April 30th (Tue), 2024

To the users who are using the My Account page:
The My Account page will be closed along with the renewal, making it unable to review the purchase history. If you wish to keep the purchasing history, please save it by taking screenshots etc. by April 30th, 2024.

We will continue to enrich the content on Ultraman Connection for your better experience. Please stay tuned for more content and fun on Ultraman Connection!

Again, we sincerely thank you all for your support for Ultraman Connection these past few years, and we promise to continue to work on improving the website experience and connect with everyone who shares the love of Ultraman.

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