Nakatomi Inc is a globally acclaimed art studio based in Austin, Texas whose specialty is creating and distributing top-quality hand-printed posters — and lucky for us, they’ve released a collection that will have every Ultrafan emptying our wallets.

The poster collection was designed by artist Robert Wilson and features five vibrant 12x16 portraits of Alien Baltan, Gomora, Bemular, Ultraman and Ultraseven in a classic comic-book-style. Each image highlights the unique design of each character, capturing their intensity while paying homage to the playfulness and whimsy of the series’ aesthetic. The cohesive tight shots and three-quarter-turn poses give each portrait an air of regality, so much so that despite not seeing their bodies, you can still feel the essence of each character’s massive size. 

While it’s clear that this collection deserves to be purchased in its entirety, four out of five images are available for individual sale, with the exception being the Ultraseven piece whose background is specialized.

If you do end up treating yourself to the set you’ll receive all three Kaiju posters at a discounted rate plus the Ultraman and Ultraseven posters printed in an exclusive metallic silver ink. 

The Portfolio Set also includes a signature plate signed by the artist and a one-of-a-kind test print that features all of the screen prints overlayed on each other creating an awesome graphic effect.

The price for these bad boys is extremely reasonable, at $30 per individual, or $120 for the full set, making the the perfect gift for any Ultrafan (or any five Ultrafans whose favorite characters happen to line up respectively with each portrait.)

 There are only 50 matched-numbered sets available so be sure to scoop them up while you still can here Stay tuned on for more updates!