NERDS Clothing Launches Classic and Anime Ultraman T-Shirts

NERDS Clothing Launches Classic and Anime Ultraman T-Shirts

NERDS Clothing, the geek-chic streetwear company from the east coast, just released a sweet new line of officially licensed Ultraman merch! Celebrating Netflix’s Anime Ultraman, plus a bonus Classic Ultraman design, NERDS is putting out four tees that any Ultra-fan needs in their collection. 

Made of 100% cotton and featuring high quality DTG prints, these shirts are super comfortable with vibrant high-definition designs. 

Who wouldn’t want to rep this iconic ensemble? The TARO suit, Ultraman Suit ZOFFY, JACK suit Ultraman Suit, SEVEN Suit, and ACE Suit all stand tall, assuming their positions. 

The SEVEN Suit, Ultraman Suit, and ACE Suit strike their poses, each flexing their respective light power. 

Of course, the Ultraman Suit gets his own solo spotlight. Come on, he’s the main character — and the design is way too cool not to get some focus. 

If you’re more of a live-action guy or gal, fear not! This classy Ultraman shirt is just as eye-catching as the other three. 

Each shirt is $30, including tax, and available on the NERDS website now, so pick them up before they sell out — and stay tuned for more right here on!