The return of Netflix’s smash hit Anime ULTRAMAN is fast approaching! At TsubuCon 2021, fans got to see some of the newest details of the production’s second season, along with some new surprises! Season 2 will drop in April 2022 exclusively on Netflix.

Viewers were treated to a trailer for Season 2 that made the rounds online back in November, showing off all six of these armored Ultraman heroes doing what they do best—protecting Earth! From there, director Shinji Aramaki and voice actor Ryohei Kimura (the voice of main character Shinjiro Hayata/Ultraman) arrived, excited to share their feelings about the new season with the world! Here’s the trailer:

Also released was the sensational new poster of the show – “that” gigantic space weapon, standing menacingly before the ULTRAMAN team. In another exciting announcement: Renowned voice actor Junichi Suwabe has been cast as the voice of the villain Alien Pedant, a deadliest enemy to the ULTRAMAN heroes. The leader of Dark Star, an alien terrorist group responsible for causing and throwing the world into perpetual fear. The group threatens to continue its campaign of terror unless its harrowing demands are met: the disappearance of half of the land on Earth, or the extinction of half of the world’s population.

Anime ULTRAMAN is a divergence from the live-action tokusatsu best known to fans, eschewing the 50-meter monster fights for lower-to-the-ground, armored action. In Season 1, we met Shinjiro Hayata, son of Shin Hayata, the host of the original Ultraman, who inherited the alien’s power. Thrust into heroic action, Shinjiro wears a powered suit that allows him to fill the role of the Giant of Light, as Ultraman! In addition, Shinjiro was joined by Dan Moroboshi, who wore the weapon-toting Seven Suit, as well as Seiji Hokuto, a cyborg who wore the energy-manipulating Ace Suit.

In Season 2, the roster of heroes grows! Shinjiro’s father Shin once again wears a modified prototype of his son’s armor last used in battle against the menacing Bemular. The mysterious Jack shows up, wearing a hulking suit that shares his name. Finally, Kotaro Higashi, a kindhearted reporter with dreams of superheroism, wears the Taro suit, wreathed in flame and power! Together, these six warriors can defend Earth against any threat from the stars; and all six will be sorely needed, as the mysterious Pedan sets his sights on the human race…

Araraki-san and Kimura-san excitedly shared their hype for the season, only to be further hyped upon the arrival of a trio of suits from the show, made real! The Ultraman Suit and Seven Suit had been seen before, but making its world premiere was the Ace Suit, and all three warriors were chock-full of character, posing for pictures and stealing the show!

Anime ULTRAMAN Season 2 airs in April on Netflix globally, and we at Ultraman Connection can’t wait! Come back every week in 2022 as the site begins providing special coverage of the series as a whole in the leadup to the season drop!