New TV Series ULTRAMAN BLAZAR’s Main Cast is Announced! Masaya Kato as the Chief of Staff for the Global Guardian Force Headquarters, Retsu Haruno!

New TV Series ULTRAMAN BLAZAR’s Main Cast is Announced! Masaya Kato as the Chief of Staff for the Global Guardian Force Headquarters, Retsu Haruno!

The new TV series, Ultraman Blazar, will start from July 8th 2023 JST! Every Friday at 5 PM JST, one of the main cast members starring alongside Captain Gento Hiruma, the protagonist played by Tomoya Warabino, will be announced.

It has been announced that the role of Retsu Haruno, the founder of the Special Kaiju Reaction Detachment, SKaRD and the superior of Gento who serves as the Chief of Staff at the Earth Defense Force Headquarters, will be portrayed by veteran actor Masaya Kato. Masaya Kato expanded his career from a popular fashion model to an actor in 1998, and he achieved the Newcomer Actor Award at the Japan Academy Awards for his debut leading role in a film. Since then, he has taken on major roles in popular movies and TV dramas, solidifying his position as a talented actor. He has also appeared in variety shows, worked as a radio personality, and served as a tourism ambassador for Nara Prefecture, his hometown, where he has held photo exhibitions related to Nara. 

Haruno Retsu (56 years old)

Retsu is the Chief of Staff at the headquarters of the Global Guardian Force Japan (GGFJ). With the headquarters in North America and branches in various countries worldwide, the Earth Defense Force has been struggling to combat recurring kaiju threats. To overcome this situation, Retsu swiftly investigates and analyzes the unique characteristics of each kaiju and establishes the specialized unit, SKaRD, within the Japanese branch to deal with them. He recruits Gento as the team's captain. Retsu is an ambitious individual who has climbed the ranks within the Earth Defense Force organization and holds the important position of Chief of Staff. He often imposes challenging tasks on Gento but secretly has a soft spot for dogs.

Cast: Masaya Kato


The first impression I had when I received this opportunity to talk was, "I can't believe I can appear in Ultraman, a show that I used to watch as a child. It feels like a dream come true." It reminded me of the original Ultraman series that I used to watch, and I felt a mysterious sensation of my inner child being revived. Like many others, the Ultraman series has a significant impact on children, and in this production, I was given the important role of the founder of SKaRD. I approached the filming with a sense of responsibility, wanting to be a character that children admire and look up to. If I have the opportunity to appear again, I would like to volunteer to transform into a superhero next time. Haha.


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Ultraman Blazar Series Outline

First Broadcast: July 8, 2023 (Saturday) JST

Broadcast Slot: Every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. JST

Broadcast Channels: The TV Tokyo Network and others

Production: Tsuburaya Productions, TV Tokyo, Dentsu Inc.


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Cast: Tomoya Warabino and others

Lead Director: Kiyotaka Taguchi / Story Composers: Keigo Koyanagi, Kiyotaka Taguchi