Oh Captain, My Captain!

Oh Captain, My Captain!

Today, we met Chief Hiroshi Ban, the kind and reliable chief of the Hoshimoto City branch of SKIP (Strategic Kaiju Investigation and Prevention center). We can absolutely empathize with a man who followed his childhood love of dinosaurs and grew up to become a doting father — Chief Ban is the whole package!

Of course, he’s only the latest in a long line of sensational captains in the long history of the Ultraman Series! Let’s take a look at three of our favorite captains across the three Generations and see how Chief Ban measures up!

Ultraseven_Kaoru Kiriyama

In Ultraseven, Kaoru Kiriyama is a veteran of the Ultra Guard’s many conflicts against countless aliens, and has come to lead the elite team himself. Wise beyond his 38 years, Kiriyama’s quick thinking and vast experience are a major boon to the Ultra Guard’s combat power — but more important to him is the trust he has in his five fellow Ultra Guardsmen — and of course, Ultraseven himself.

Ultraman Mebius_Shingo Sakomizu

Captain Shingo Sakomizu of team CREW GUYS is one of the best parts of Ultraman Mebius, a truly kind and paternal leader whose soft guidance allows the disparate new members of GUYS to achieve their true potential. That includes Mirai Hibino, who is secretly the mighty Giant of Light, Ultraman Mebius!

And yet, Captain Sakomizu himself may have even greater secrets than Mirai…

Ultraman X_Shotaro Kamiki

Shotaro Kamiki, of Ultraman X, is the captain of Xio (Xeno invasion outcutters), and is known for a policy of compassion when dealing with the unknown. He believes sincerely in the necessity of humanity to learn to live alongside Kaiju, aliens, and the unknown, and seeks coexistence rather than simply victory. At the same time, he has given everything to this noble goal, which has strained his family life a bit… Hopefully Chief Ban is able to find a balance himself!

Every captain and team leader in the Ultraman series is an important, formative force in the development of their respective teams. We absolutely expect that Chief Ban will be just as important to Yuma Hize, and the rest of SKIP! To find out more about Ultraman Arc as that information comes, stay close to Ultraman Connection!