Continuing their glorious output of the New Generation Ultraman series, Tsuburaya Productions and Mill Creek Entertainment have brought western audiences the tale of the newest brother Ultras, Ultraman Rosso and Blu, in Ultraman R/B the Complete Series+Movie.

In the small town of Ayaka, brothers Katsumi and Isami Minato find themselves endowed with incredible powers when they become the mighty Ultraman Rosso and Ultraman Blu, to fight the terrifying Grigio Bone after he upends their lives. With no mentors to rely on to teach them how to be heroes, the brothers find strength in one another, their loving father, Ushio, and their mysterious but good-hearted sister, Asahi. Together they take on threats, big and small, as well as their own differences. They also must try to solve the mystery of the origin of their powers, and how it connects to their disappeared mother.

To make things more difficult for the still-learning—and often feuding—brothers, their foes are practiced hands at all manners of villainy. Twisted Ultra “fan” Ultraman Orb Dark (Noir Black Schwarz…whew, what a mouthful!) despises the brothers for not adhering to his twisted ideals of heroism. And standing behind him is the mysterious immortal, Saki Mitsurugi. And beyond them, waiting in the dark, pulling strings and manipulating hearts, is the mysterious Ultraman Tregear, who’s theatricality and origins in the deep mythos of the Land of Light has turned him into a fan favorite.

Balancing humor, action, and heartwarming moments, R/B truly embodies the all-ages feel that makes Ultraman a hit with viewers young and old. Even with that, however, the show stands out even among its fellow New Generation entries in a number of ways, from its dual heroes, to the introduction of the first new female Ultra of the entire New Generation Era! (Who is she? Watch Select! The Crystal of Bonds to find out!)

Ultraman R/B the Complete Series+Movie is another sterling addition to Mill Creek’s New Generation Ultraman line, with 6 Blu-ray disks containing not only the 25 episodes of the show, but the accompanying movie, Ultraman R/B Select! The Crystal of Bonds. In addition, the collection comes with a story booklet that acts as a guide to both the powers held by Rosso and Blu, as well as all the episodes. Finally, the collection comes with a code to allow viewers to stream a digital version of the entire series on MovieSpree!

What’s next in the “Ultraman Universe?” To find that out, keep your eyes on—and don’t forget to pick up all of the other New Generation and Classic Ultraman collections from Mill Creek Entertainment!

Watch the Ultraman R/B Series+Movie trailer here!

And watch the Ultraman R/B Movie trailer here!