Reyn Spooner, creators of the world’s most collected Aloha shirts, has recently posted the soft launch of their latest masterpiece, Ultraman! By special arrangement with Tsuburaya Productions, this venerated Hawaiian shirt company is proud to unveil one of their most thrilling products ever. Reyn Spooner has been bringing the good vibes of Hawaii into all their customers' lives since 1958! 

With high quality fabric, island-inspired prints, and distinct designs, the company has been creating generational heirlooms for decades. Now, for the company’s 65th anniversary, Reyn Spooner is launching one of the coolest Ultraman shirts we’ve ever seen.

The shirt is made completely from Spooner Kloth, a unique, durable, breathable, wrinkle-free material made from cotton-spun-polyester and features a hand painted print of the Ultraman taking on Kaiju in Tokyo Bay, Yokohama, and the southern tropical islands of Japan.

The print is an extremely detailed, loving homage to the vintage colors, excitement, and whimsy of the original Ultraman series. It’s a beautiful shirt that encapsulates qualities of Japan, Hawaii, and Ultraman all in one.

The shirt features five tableaus inspired by the original Ultraman television series. There is the iconic cross-armed Spacium Beam pose of Ultraman himself, famed Kaiju Gomora and Neronga attacking a city, Guesra attacking a freighter ship, Ultraman battling Red King on Tatara Island, and the SSSP fighting Alien Baltan in Tokyo.

Clearly, Reyn Spooner and Ultraman have created a bond built on years of legacy, loyalty, and the continued pursuit of quality. Both are determined to help people and are both fueled by the power of courage, hope, and kindness. Just like Ultraman, Reyn Spooner looks out for all kinds of people, no matter who they are. That’s why they offer a variety of sizes ranging from XXS to 3XL and shirt styles available in button front, pullover (see below), and tailored. 

Reyn Spooner invites all members of Ultraman Connection to visit their site during this soft launch and take advantage of the chance to purchase this limited-edition collectible, which is priced at $119.50. The shirt is available at 

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