RSVLTS Apparel and Tsubaraya have joined forces to create some of the coolest official Ultraman shirts yet! Of course, we’d expect nothing less from RSVLTS, given their history of honoring pop culture through bold, tasteful designs and high-quality materials. The company’s motto is “Dare Mighty Things” and the Ultraman X RSVLTS collection lives up to the mantra!

The three button-down shirt collection — “Lil Ultras”, “Ultra-Villainous” and “Ultra '66” — all come in classic unisex KUNUFLEX™ material (soft, stretchy, never shrinks or fades), each retailing at $70 with an available size range of XS-4XL. These are high-quality pieces that will commemorate the vibrance of Ultraman for years to come. 

We got a chance to speak with Senior Creative Director of RSVLTS, Greg Storey, who gave us some insight on the shirts designs: “For the collection, we really wanted to create three unique designs that spoke to our love of the series and offer a bit of everything for the fans of the shows. From a mashup of Kaiju, to an ode to the Ultra Family, to a stylized take on the original show, there is an Ultraman design for every occasion.” 

And they hit the nail on the head — or rather, they hit the Kaiju right where they aimed the Spacium Beam! Just like there are so many kinds of Ultras, there are so many ways to wear your Ultra-Love on your sleeve and now with the RSVLTS x Ultraman collection, there are so many kinds of sleeves to wear it on. 

Storey proudly claims that “The opportunity to work with Tsuburaya Productions was a dream come true” — an extra meaningful sentiment considering the company’s goal of subverting the idea of a fan as merely a consumer. They differentiate themselves from major brands in that they are fans themselves and want to make clothing that speaks to the individual. In partnering with Tsuburaya and creating this line, RSVLTS bridges the gap between us fans and the vast franchises that we know and love. 

You can feel that sentiment when you wear the shirt — trust me, I’m wearing the shirt! 

It’s comfortable, durable, and demands compliments. If you want to start a conversation, these are the shirts to do it with. Honestly, what kind of person wears this shirt and doesn’t want to start a conversation about Ultraman?

Whether you’re a minimalist, a maximalist, a new fan, or one returning, RSVLTS x Ultraman has something for you. The inaugural Ultraman x RSVLTS Collection will debut at and on the RSVLTS brand app (iOS & Android) on Thursday, August 3 at 4:00pm ET. Make sure you get yours and stay tuned for more here on!