Scoop! Majestic Ultraseven Goliath Coins Now on Sale!

Scoop! Majestic Ultraseven Goliath Coins Now on Sale!

Goliath Coins has been renowned as the makers of high-quality collectible coins since 2011, featuring gorgeous medallions made to display as art. Known for their size, Goliath Coins make the largest coins in the game — which made them the perfect partner for a giant-sized Ultraseven collaboration!

And you heard it here first: the Ultraseven Goliath Coin is on sale right now. Just click this link!

Made to celebrate Seven’s tremendous 55th anniversary and limited to an exclusive 10,000 pieces, Goliath has created an utterly gorgeous piece honoring over five decades of heroism. The front side of the Ultraseven Goliath Coin features a relief in which Ultraseven and his greatest allies and foes stand above the Earth. Below Seven stand his Capsule Monster allies, Miclas, Windam, and Agira. 

Around him are his legendary Kaiju foes, flanked by the Ultra Guard’s famous air fighters. Alien Godola, Alien Icarus, Pandon, King Joe, Eleking, and Alien Metron lurk, eager to take the Earth below for themselves. At the bottom, of course, is the silhouette of Dan Moroboshi himself, ready to transform and protect the planet he cherishes.

On the “heads” side of each coin is the official Ultraseven 55th Anniversary logo, marking it as an official piece of Ultraman Series memorabilia, and Tsuburaya Productions and The Licensing Group have meticulously ensured that the product is a perfect representation of the series it depicts.

Ultraseven Goliath Coins are 2.75 inches in diameter, weigh almost 4 ounces, are about 6mm thick, and boast antique plating.

The Ultraseven 55th Anniversary medallion is selling for $21.99 and comes with a display stand to show the world how big of an Ultraman Series fan you are. Shown here is the packaging — designed specifically so that it can be seen and enjoyed without having to expose the medallion to the elements.

The limited edition Ultraseven Goliath Coin is on sale right now, and we at Ultraman Connection are so excited for this collaboration that we can’t help but offer a bit of a teaser: Further Ultraman Series coins are coming soon! Who will be depicted next? Only one way to find out: Keep a close eye on Goliath’s website, and stay close to Ultraman Connection!