On January 13th at 9pm, Shin Ultra Fight, a live commentary of the fight scenes from Shin Ultraman was released on Ultraman Connection in the Exclusive Videos section and will be available to all registered members of the site! 

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The original Ultra Fight was a series of short movies that aired between Ultraseven (1967) and Return of Ultraman (1971). It had two types of episodes: digest episodes, and newly filmed episodes. The digest episodes took Tokusatsu clips from Ultraman (1966) and Ultraseven, and the newly filmed episodes featured new fight scenes with the character suits. Both types of episodes featured live commentaries and decades after Ultra Fight was broadcasted, it still has an enthusiastic following. Shin Ultra Fight is a revived version of Ultra Fight, supervised by Shinji Higuchi, the director of Shin Ultraman.


Shin Ultra Fight features a talk part, where Shinji Higuchi talks passionately about Ultra Fight and introduces the highlights of Shin Ultra Fight to the show MC, Hikari Kuroki. We then switch to the fight scenes with live commentary over the battles between Ultraman and the Kaiju and extraterrestrials from the movie, Shin Ultraman. The striking differences between these scenes and the film itself lay in Higuchi’s aesthetic approach to the cutting and framing of the images, and will become apparent to any fan of the original Ultra series! 


Currently on Ultraman Connection, Shin Ultra Fight: Neronga Appears and Disappears, a digest episode of Shin Ultraman is available. A total of three digest episodes of Shin Ultraman will be released weekly.


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*Unavailable in Japan and mainland China.