Shin Ultraman Fans React at Anime Frontier

Shin Ultraman Fans React at Anime Frontier

Shin Ultraman is just a day away from premiering at over a thousand screens across the United States and Canada tomorrow, brought to you by Fathom Events and Tsuburaya Productions. However, a month ago, fans who came to Anime Frontier, Texas’ biggest celebration of anime and Japanese culture, got a sneak peak of the action! Want to see how it went? Read on!


The exclusive screening had only been available to winners of a sweepstakes held by Anime Frontier and Ultraman Connection, with winners getting not only seats, but exclusive posters. Fans had vied for the coveted tickets, and as you can see from the cover to this article, it was packed by the time the screening started. In fact, every Ultraman Connection member who wanted a ticket got one! We made sure of it!


Peter Tatara, founder and director of Anime Frontier and Anime NYC, welcomed the audience to the screening, thanking Fathom Events, Tsuburaya Productions, and Ultraman Connection for their help, while making sure fans knew exactly how exclusive the screening they were watching was, swearing them to secrecy—at least for the next month!

We can’t spoil the movie itself—after all, it’s only a day away—but we CAN confirm that the screening ended with a thundering standing ovation that shook the convention just as much as a Kaiju attack!


After the screening, Anime Frontier took the liberty of interviewing several attendees to get their thoughts on the massive event they’d just witnessed, and their feelings on the Ultraman series in general. Check it out here!




Hard to argue with endorsements like that!


We at Ultraman Connection want to thank Anime Frontier for hosting this awesome event, and Fathom Events and Tsuburaya Productions for bringing Shin Ultraman to North America! 


You can pick up your tickets for the special showings of Shin Ultraman right here.

Remember that the showing on Wednesday, January 11th is Japanese with English subtitles, and the showing on Thursday, January 12th is the brand-new English dub! And for more awesome Shin Ultraman news, stick close to Ultraman Connection!