The Ultraman Novel By Titan Books is On Shelves Now!

The Ultraman Novel By Titan Books is On Shelves Now!

The day has finally arrived! After weeks of previews and interviews, Ultraman: The Official Novelization by Pat Cadigan for Titan Books and Tsuburaya Productions is out everywhere fine books are sold!

“Pursuing a fugitive space monster, a Being of Light enters Earth’s atmosphere. Accidentally colliding with a patrolling jet, piloted by Science Patrol Agent Shin Hayata, the Being merges with the pilot to save his life and vows to defend the Earth. 

Now whenever the planet is threatened by alien invaders, terrifying monsters or any threat beyond the capabilities of humanity, Shin Hayata transforms into the towering Ultraman to restore peace and save the day.”

Brought to life by Hugo, Clarke, and Scribe Award-winning author Pat Cadigan, Ultraman: The Official Novelization was written incorporation with Tsuburaya Productions to bring a wonderful new interpretation of the original 1966 Ultraman TV series to bookstores everywhere. 

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