55 years before this year’s Shin Ultraman, there was once a hero who loved humanity and the Earth upon which they lived. Even as he fought against many aliens, he sought to bridge the gap between them… His name was Ultraseven.

A project commemorating the 55th anniversary of the seminal 1967 series, Ultraseven, has been announced along with the official logo and poster for the Ultraseven 55th Anniversary.

October 1, 2022 marks the 55th anniversary of Ultraseven Episode 1, “The Invisible Challenger,” and with the date will come a number of special projects celebrating this legendary series. 

What Was Ultraseven?

In 1967, the groundbreaking Tsuburaya Productions team behind the Japanese smash hit series Ultra Q and Ultraman came together once again to create a new series, one cognizant of the state of the world at the time and seeking to use tokusatsu (special effects) to tell thought-provoking stories for all ages.

Stories that used the fantastical to bring attention to the realities they represented, of monsters born of tragedy and hardship, alien invaders reflecting the darkness in the human spirit to be overcome, and threats borne not just from the ether, but from the consequences of past choices rearing their head in the present. Throughout it all, a lone alien stood together with humanity as not just a protector, but a friend, and sometimes a teacher. 

The name of this alien was Ultraseven, and his story has influenced children and adults alike even to the present day. More than just a special effects fantasy, it is our hope that in these uncertain times, the story of Ultraseven can bring us comfort and help all of us move forward.

The Seven Pillars of Ultraseven’s Anniversary

There will be merchandise, live events, videos, streams, and more held in Japan following seven key themes. Details are forthcoming shortly.

  1. “Understand” Ultraseven
  2. “Watch” Ultraseven
  3. “Own” Ultraseven
  4. “Discover” Ultraseven
  5. “Examine” Ultraseven through modern art.
  6. “Experience” Ultraseven through sets and stories
  7. “Encounter” Ultraseven through modern technology.

Please look forward to more global coverage and join us here at Ultraman Connection in celebrating Ultraseven’s 55th Anniversary.