Tsuburaya Productions and 5HeadGames To Collaborate on an Enders Gate x Anime ULTRAMAN Collectible Card Game

Tsuburaya Productions and 5HeadGames To Collaborate on an Enders Gate x Anime ULTRAMAN Collectible Card Game

We are excited to announce a collaboration between Tsuburaya Productions and 5HeadGames Studios for our Enders Gate digital trading card game. Key characters from the hit Netflix anime ULTRAMAN, will soon make their way into the captivating world of Enders Gate, an original free-to-play digital trading card game developed by 5HeadGames. This relationship aims to enrich the evolving gaming landscape by blending iconic heroism with strategic card gaming.

Set more than 40 years after the first Ultraman TV series, and adopted from the Hero’s Comics ULTRAMAN series, Shinjiro Hayata, son of Shin Hayata (the former human host of Ultraman) reluctantly takes on the mantle of his father’s responsibilities to become the new protector of Earth against the onslaught of aliens and hostile forces determined to destroy the planet. With powers generated from his super-powered suit, Shin meets contemporary challenges when Earth is once more threatened by a new set of invading monsters.

Created by Eiji Tsuburaya, father of Tokusatsu and co-creator of Godzilla, Ultraman has always embodied the virtues of fairness, honesty, and unwavering bravery. This collaboration celebrates Ultraman's enduring legacy and the embodiment of these values, inspiring generations to stand up for what's right.

More than simple game-playing, this endeavor aims to showcase an altruistic approach to integrating web3 technology with digital goods, setting a new standard for the ethical use of technology in the gaming space. Tsuburaya Productions and 5HeadGames unite to demonstrate how technology can positively elevate gaming experiences for all participants. “We’re humbled and excited to join forces with Tsuburaya Productions to bring the ULTRAMAN anime to the realm of Enders Gate!” says David Nimako, Co-founder of 5HeadGames. “This partnership will really innovate the way we gamify the combination of both the ULTRAMAN anime and Enders Gate IP.” says Kevin Chaja, Business developer and Strategic Advisor at 5HeadGames. 

This collaboration is more than a convergence of universes; it is the fusion of storytelling. The world of ULTRAMAN enters the Enders Gate universe, ushering in new challenges to overcome. After three successful seasons on Netflix, the ULTRAMAN anime has ended, leaving fans wanting more. This partnership serves as a fitting tribute to the series' spirit as a new generation steps up to safeguard Earth from alien threats.

“Tsuburaya Productions’ hit series ULTRAMAN, which appeared for three seasons on Netflix, is in good hands with 5HeadGames,” says Danny Simon, president of Tsuburaya Fields Media & Pictures Entertainment in the U.S. “Combining the story of Shinjiro, AKA Ultraman, with new technology electrifies the storytelling. The Ultraman fans and collectors will be intrigued.”

Enders Gate TCG, the brainchild of 5HeadGames, introduces players to a captivating Medieval Sci-fi universe set in an alternate timeline 955 million years ago. Imagine a solar system teeming with diverse life forms, where towering Gates act as portals to distant celestial planets, and, on rare occasions, to other universes. These Gates, scattered across Mercury, Earth, Mars, and similar distant planets with inhabitable conditions, enable instantaneous travel every 10 years for precisely 5 hours.

Portals are a concept shared by both the ULTRAMAN anime series and Enders Gate. In Enders Gate, the Gates serve as tools for both advancement and destruction, as civilizations vie for control. In the ULTRAMAN anime, portals facilitate travel to new worlds and ultimately bring Shinjiro, the new hero, to this alternate Earth 955 million years in the past. Shinjiro’s mission is straightforward: protect and save the ancient magical humans with his inherited gift—the Ultra Factor. This interweaving of storytelling highlights the interconnectedness of the universe and the power of collaboration.

As this partnership unfolds, enthusiasts of the ULTRAMAN anime and Enders Gate can look forward to exclusive limited-edition trading cards that capture the nature of both worlds. By embracing the spirit of blockchain technology, these collectible trading cards promote true digital asset ownership for players, collectors, and creators.

Stay tuned for exclusive releases, thrilling gameplay, and a celebration of the finest qualities of both worlds.

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About Tsuburaya Fields Media & Pictures Entertainment

Located in Los Angeles, Tsuburaya Fields Media & Pictures Entertainment is active in the production and distribution of Ultraman entertainment content for North America and other markets. Headed by Danny Simon, the new subsidiary of Tsuburaya Productions is expanding the North America licensing programs into the UK, EU, South America, and MENA markets thereby solidifying Ultraman’s place on the global stage.