Children Fighting Illness Across Japan Unite with Online Event, “Ultra Kids Project” 

Cheering All with an Ultra Charge!

The Ultraman Foundation streamed the Ultra Hero Show event online to children with incurable illnesses across Japan on September 27th, 2022. This event was co-hosted with the Solaputi Kids’ Camp (located in Takigawa-shi, Hokkaido) to help these children who fight such illnesses.

What is the “Ultra Kids Project”?

All children who face surgery and drink bitter medicine to fight their illnesses, are all “Ultra Kids”. This event was livestreamed at the “Solaputi Kids’ Camp”, a beautiful place in a natural environment, to 30 children’s care facilities across Japan.

In the Ultra Hero Show (a pre-recorded event), the “Ultra Kids” in these care facilities cheered their heroes with all the excitement they could muster, giving the Ultraman heroes an “Ultra Charge” and empowering them with applause. Moreover, the children had fun performing a song called “Ultraman of the Ichome” together and playing “Ultra Janken (Rock Paper Scissors)” through the internet. At the end of the event, Ultraman and the children gave each other an “Ultra Charge” to send their support to each other, and all children across Japan.

One of the planners for this event, Yoichi Komori (author/manga writer) gave the children a message.

“Meeting Ultraman and the Kaiju made who I am today. I will pass the children the baton of ‘The power to imagine and believe’, ‘the heart to never give up’ and ‘Courage to stand up, no matter the odds.’”

Comments from hospitals that participated in this event:

“Children who are usually isolated in private rooms said that it was fun to connect with their peers who are fighting illnesses across the country.”

“Through Ultraman, we were able to connect. Regardless of whether one was a child or an adult, it gave us an opportunity to become friends, and a warm time to cheer for each other.”

“We set up a screen in the halls of the hospital, and children, who usually do not come out of their rooms, joined the event, looking like they had lots of fun, and making the staff very happy.”

“Ultra Kids Project” Overview

Dates: September 27th, 2022 (Tuesday) Each once at AM and PM

Recorded at Solaputi Kids’ Camp (Takigawa-shi, Hokkaido)

A camping-ground with Medical Care for children with incurable illness

Participation Method: Pre-registration required for Zoom Webinar (Free to attend)

Event Details: Streamed live from “Solaputi Kids’ Camp”, a camping ground with Medical Care for children with incurable illness.

  1. Ultra Hero Show

~ Cheer the Ultra Heroes with an Ultra Charge!~

(around 30 mins)

  1. LIVE meetings with Ultra Heroes and Children

Target participants: Children with incurable illness undergoing treatment in hospitals and at home.

Participating hospitals/facilities:

Hiroshima University Hospital/Center Hospital of the National Center for Global Health and Medicine(Tokyo)/Japanese Red Cross Narita Hospital(Chiba)/Yokohama City University Hospital(Kanagawa)/Hokkaido University Hospital/Nara Medical University/Respite Care for Children in Need of Medical Care Uzurin(Tochigi)/Fukushima Medical University Hospital/Tokyo Medical and Dental University Hospital/Miyagi Children’s Hospital/Osaka University Hospital/University of Tsukuba Hospital(Ibaraki)/Asahikawa Medical University(Hokkaido)/Shizuoka Cancer Center/St Luke’s International Hospital(Tokyo)/Iwate Medical University Hospital/Ibaraki Prefecture Children’s Hospital/Kyushu University Hospital(Fukuoka)/National Defense Medical College Hospital(Saitama)/Ronald McDonald House(11 facilities nationwide)

Heroes: Ultraman/Ultraman Zero/Father of Ultra/Mother of Ultra/Ultraman Decker/Ultraman Trigger/Ultraman Z

Voice: Daiki Matsumoto (“Ultraman Decker” Cast of Kanata Asumi)

Host: Ultra Kids Project 2022

Ultraman Fund Committee/Solaputi Kids’ Camp

Ultraman Fund was founded right after the 2011 off the Pacific coast of Tohoku Earthquake. As children are the light of hope of the future, we are developing support activities to cheer children from the bottom of our hearts. We continue our activities for the children in the disaster areas and other areas through visits by Ultra Heroes and streaming content.


Soraputi Kids’ Camp is a program led by pediatricians that builds and operates campsites with medical care for children with incurable illness with the help of donations and volunteers and invites children and their families from all over Japan to the campsite located in Maruka Kogen, Takikawa City, Hokkaido, a place rich in nature, free of charge. We have also started an initiative to provide children battling illnesses with extraordinary experiences without leaving the hospital or their homes, and in winter we give away the snow that accumulates at the campsite to hospitals and other facilities in areas where snow does not accumulate.