If you somehow missed it, on Friday, February 18, Tsuburaya Productions premiered Ultraman Connection Live Presents: ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube 2 Million Subscribers Celebration, commemorating the channel having passed the 2 million subscriber mark in December of 2021. The massive, dual-channel event featured two action packed stage battles, panels with cast members from Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga, Ultraman Z, Ultraman Ginga/Ultraman Ginga S, and Ultraman R/B, and even the mysterious new hero, Ultraman Regulos himself! Here’s a rundown of everything that happened.

The event started with Shunya Kaneko (Akito Hijiri) and Runa Toyoda (Yuna Shizuma/Yuzare) on stage, as a video showing the members of GUTS-Select saying goodbye to Kengo from the finale of Ultraman Trigger played behind them. Raiga Terasaka then appeared as Kengo, transforming into Trigger onstage using his GUTS Sparklence, beginning a performance that recreated some of Ultraman Trigger’s toughest fights.

He first fought off Golba and Carmeara, defeating the former and driving the latter away, only for King Joe STORAGE Custom to appear! Trigger then transformed into his Sky Type to battle King Joe and was joined by Ultraman Z in his Alpha Edge form. After Trigger changed again into his Power Type, the two were able to defeat King Joe together.

Next, Trigger Dark showed up to fight Trigger, and the two engaged in intense hand-to-hand combat, with Trigger victorious. Just as soon as Trigger managed that threat, the three Giants of Darkness all appeared to fight Glitter Trigger Eternity. Eternity successfully fended off the three attackers, but that just heralded a greater threat, in a pair of the franchise’s greatest contemporary enemies. From the Ultra Galaxy Fight series, Absolute Diavolo and Absolute Tartarus appeared!

Luckily, Ultraman Ribut also arrived to help him take on the attackers, and they too were defeated. Suddenly, a Kyrieloid appeared onstage, and to challenge it, Ultraman Tiga! Hudram was close behind, and Trigger, Tiga, and Trigger Dark teamed up against the Kyrieloid and Hudram. The three Giants used their Zepellion Beams to defeat the two enemies, winning the battle.

Then everyone’s favorite Ultraman Trigger villain Darrgon appeared, and battled Trigger again, this time in a one-on-one battle that ended with a recreation of his tragic demise in the show. “My friend!”

Finally in the climactic battle, Trigger transformed into Trigger Truth, a form that harnesses both his light and dark power, to defeat Carmeara, and, in a mirror of the series finale, sacrificed himself to control the Eternity Core, telling the audience that he will return.

After the dramatic live stage battle was over, host Sean Nichols (who played Sean White in Ultraman Max) introduced both the event, and his Japanese assistant, Nene Nakazawa. Raiga Terasaka, Shunya Kaneko, and Yuna Toyoda returned for the first panel. The three discussed the series’ end, their personal picks for most memorable scenes, and even answered questions from the audience!

They then discussed the previously announced Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z special, that will feature the return of Ultraman Trigger, Ultraman Z (Zett), and the rest of the GUTS-Select crew. To help in their discussion, Nichols introduced Kohshu Hirano (Haruki Natsukawa/Ultraman Z) himself! The panel then teased some details about Episode Z including the appearance of the mysterious Evil Trigger, whose identity is yet unknown.

Sean then began the next phase of the panel, focusing on the group of Ultras and Ultraman shows known as the New Generation series! This panel included Takuya Negishi (Hikaru Raido/Ultraman Ginga), Kiyotaka Uji (Sho/Ultraman Victory), Arisa Sonohara (Asahi Minato/Ultrawoman Grigio), and returning from just a few minutes earlier, Kohshu Hirano.

This panel celebrated the anniversary of the ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel, and nearly ten years of the New Generation series. The panel members discussed what it meant to participate in over a decade of this era of Ultraman and their favorite moments from their respective series.

Although Yuya Hirata (Katsumi Minato/Ultraman Rosso) and Ryosuke Koike (Isami Minato/Ultraman Blu) could not make a live appearance, they were featured alongside Sonohara-san to discuss their series Ultraman R/B in a recorded segment. In the segment, the three discussed the making of Ultraman R/B while commentating on some clips and promotion from the show, as well as its overall comedic tone (the uncut version of this interview was announced to be released at a later date).

After that, fans were returned to the live show for further discussion by the New Generation Heroes panel, including a hilarious story from Kohshu Hirano about ripping his uniform’s pants during his initial transformation as Ultraman Z. Nichols then allowed fans online to ask the cast members questions, giving each actor the opportunity to reflect on their Ultraman experience! The segment with a special announcement by the Ultraman R/B family that ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube 2 Million Subscriber shirts where available now on Amazon Japan!

Continuing with the New Generation Heroes celebration, the event then transitioned into its second epic live battle with Dark Lugiel and Reibatos invading the stage! Negishi-san returned to his role as Hikaru Raido, appearing on stage and using the Ginga Spark to become Ultraman Ginga, and taking on the two foes. As Ginga fought off Dark Lugiel, Uji-san appeared as Sho, using the Victory Lancer to transform into Ultraman Victory, wielding the Shepherdon Saber against Reibatos.

Tired of fighting him, Reibatos then summoned Kamisori Demaaga. But luckily, the R/B family reunited for battle, using their R/B Gyros to transform into Ultraman Rosso, Ultraman Blu, and Ultrawoman Grigio respectively. The three Ultras easily defeated Kamisori Demaaga, who exploded in spectacular fashion on the spot.

Ultraman Ginga and Dark Lugiel returned to the stage, where Dark Lugiel summoned Zero Darkness to fight Ginga! However, Hirano-san arrived on the scene as Haruki, using the Z Riser to become Ultraman Z, and battling the dark reflection of his master Ultraman Zero. After intense hand-to-hand combat, Z was able to defeat Zero Darkness, only for Absolute Diavolo to attack him!

Before the golden giant could prevail, the mysterious new Ultraman hero that fans have glimpsed in previous events rushed onto stage. Striking a pose, he proclaimed himself to be the only opponent for Diavolo, the possessor of the Red Dragon White Tiger Fist, Ultraman Regulos!

Using his expert martial arts techniques, the new Ultraman Regulos successfully fought off Diavolo, chasing the villain away as he fled the scene. Ginga and Victory then returned, still battling against Dark Lugiel and Reibatos, but now with Absolute Tartarus joining the fray. To make matters worse, Leugocyte appeared as well, contributing further to the two Ultras’ dire situation. When all seemed lost, however, the Ultras combined their powers with help from the audience and transformed into their strongest forms: Z became Ultraman Z Delta Rise Claw; Rosso, Blu and Grigio fused their powers to become Ultraman Gruebe; and Ginga and Victory combined and transformed into Ultraman Ginga Victory! Ultraman Regulos also reappeared to aid his new companions and battle Absolute Tartarus. With great difficulty, the Ultras finally defeated their formidable adversaries, and exited the stage. That is, except for Ultraman Regulos…

Nichols then returned to stage, where he observed that Regulos had uttered some spoken lines during the battle. Then, as a special surprise, he introduced Regulos’s Japanese voice actor, Shugo Nakamura! Nichols also announced that a special Ultraman Regulos promo video and an extended interview with Shugo Nakamura would be posted soon on the ULTRAMAN OFFICIAL YouTube Channel.

Sean also announced Ultraman Talks, an after-show for Ultraman Connection Live featuring interviews with all the panel guests, which was hosted live right here at UltramanConnection.com. Finally, he made a massive announcement for Ultra fans all over the world eagerly awaiting Ultraman Trigger’s return: Ultraman Trigger Episode Z will have a special screening for international Ultra fans right here on Ultraman Connection, come March 18—the day of its Japanese release on Tsuburaya Imagination!

The show concluded with Terasaka giving fans a message on behalf of all the New Generation Heroes, saying that he hopes everyone enjoyed the event and continues to support the Ultraman series. Then, true to Sean’s promise YouTube fans jumped to Ultraman Connection and reunited with Sean and the New Generation and Trigger actors, with all seven performers interacting with UC members and answering more questions—another big bonus event for registered Ultraman Connection members!

That’s it for now, but of course, for all things Ultraman, Ultraman Trigger Episode Z, and Ultraman Connection Live be sure to stay tuned right here at Ultraman Connection!