Ultraman Connection: Live at AnimeNYC – What Happened?

Ultraman Connection: Live at AnimeNYC – What Happened?

AnimeNYC, the largest meeting of fans of Japanese culture on the east coast! Such a cool convention seems like an ideal place to talk about a Japanese cultural staple, right? That’s what we at Ultraman Connection figured, as we held the Ultraman Connection: Live at AnimeNYC panel on November 19th! 

Ultraman Connection Producer Jeff Gomez, Editor-in-Chief EJ Couloucoundis and Writers Evangelia Artemis and Andrew Wong (in Ultraman Tiga-era GUTS uniform cosplay) brought the latest and greatest Ultraman news and revealed some absolute bombshells regarding the Ultraman Series and its future around the world.

After proving their bona fides (including Jeff’s story of discovering the Ultraman Series himself as a boy), the panel quickly focused on current upcoming releases, like Ultraman Decker, Ultraman Regulos, Marvel’s Ultraman: The Mystery of Ultraseven comic series, which just this week debuted the Jack mecha-combination robot—an homage to both the original Mighty Jack (1968) series from Tsuburaya Productions and Ultraman Jack, the featured hero of The Return of Ultraman (1971).

From there, the crew discussed upcoming improvements and new features to the Ultraman Connection site, like our ever-growing fan coverage by the Noob Evangelia, more toy coverage and videos by Andrew, and more emphasis on fan-created content… And from there, came the main event!

If you haven’t seen the news, Shin Ultraman is coming to theaters across the United States on January 11th and 12th, through Fathom Events. Jeff Gomez broke the news worldwide at the panel! In addition, fans got the first look at the special Fathom trailer for the movie, as well as the English logo for the movie!

Finally, to reward the fans for all their support, every attendee got two awesome gifts: a double-sided lithograph featuring art from Marvel’s Ultraman comics, and an exclusive Shin Ultraman poster! 

Ultraman Connection: Live at AnimeNYC was a huge success, and the Ultraman Connection team can’t wait to see more fans as the coming year approaches. To find out where Ultraman (and us too!) will show up next, stay close to Ultraman Connection.com!