Ultraman Decker’s strongest form “Dynamic Type” will be featured in Ultraman Decker for the first time this October!

Ultraman Decker’s Strongest Form: Dynamic Type

Until now, Ultraman Decker has shown the ability to Type Change into three forms: Flash Type, Strong Type, and Miracle Type. 

When faced with continuous monster attacks, Kanata finds himself in unexpected danger. His determination to never give up is expressed in his strongest form yet: Ultraman Decker Dynamic Type.

As the show reaches its mid-season, we can look forward to seeing Kanata, Decker, and the members of GUTS-Select learn and grow.

The story now enters a new chapter where we can expect more from Decker with the appearance of his stronger Dynamic Form, and at the same time feel an air of uncertainty growing as ever-stronger enemies appear before our heroes.

We hope you are excited to see all the new developments in Ultraman Decker!

Ultraman Decker Dynamic Type

Height: 55 meters

Weight: 45,000 tons

Ultraman Decker’s strongest from, born from Kanata’s strong determination to never give up.

Decker changes to the Dynamic Type when Kanata inserts the Dynamic Card to the Ultra D Flasher and shouts out the words “Gush Beyond! Dynamic!”

This form’s special attack is the “Dymude Beam” fired by crossing both arms. Decker can also summon a new versatile item, the “Decker Shield Caliber,” by raising his hand in front of the “Decker Crystal Horn” on his forehead.

Decker uses it to deliver a dynamic fighting style. He can block attacks in Shield Mode, cut enemies with dual blades in Caliber Mode, and use various other combat abilities.