Fans have been buzzing about the recent video posted by Tsuburaya Productions on YouTube dubbed Ultraman Event Package Information. We here at Ultraman Connection are just as excited! According to the studio, the package allows for any number of events that can be specifically tailored to any region, scale, or objective.

These events leverage the studio’s ability to produce Ultra Heroes vs. Kaiju stage shows, fan meetings, exhibitions, and of course livestream online events. Check out the video here:

Why are we so excited? Ultraman Connection Live, the newest member of the Tsuburaya Productions family, and the first to be born in North America, appears in the video! It says that Ultraman Connection Live shows will bring you super-rare interviews, talk shows, simultaneous viewing sessions, and even real-time live performances.

Taking place every several weeks, Ultraman Connection Live (UCL) has played a vital role in uniting the core fan base for Ultraman outside of Japan, promoting fan participation and sharing entire Ultraman series commercial-free, thrilling premieres such as the upcoming Ultraman Trigger Episode Z, and exclusive videos for registered users in the Ultraman Connection web site’s Operations Room.

UCL team members have developed a close and special relationship with our super-fans, often reaching out to them across social media to ask questions, take feedback, or just to have a chat. The result has been enormous fan loyalty and a rapidly growing global fan base.

This is a new type of franchise worldbuilding, which most Hollywood studios tend to avoid. They often prefer their interactions with fans to be one-way conversations. But based on the incredible spike in subscriptions to the Ultraman Official YouTube channel (now at 2.07 million!), and rising attendance at UCL streaming events, this ongoing direct engagement and genuine dialog is clearly working!

Check out this rare look at the Ultraman Trigger Memorial Live Stage Show (inclusive of some cool new in-camera special effects), celebrating the channel’s achievement of 2 million subscribers here: