ULTRAMAN FINAL SEASON Celebration Live: What Happened?

ULTRAMAN FINAL SEASON Celebration Live: What Happened?

Last week we streamed the ULTRAMAN Final Season Celebration live event presented by Ultraman Connection and between the suit shows, the performances by NOILION, the conversation with the cast, and the merch teases, it’s clear that Netflix’s Anime ULTRAMAN is going out with a bang! 

To all of those that were able to attend, your energy and support made the event as special as it was, and to those that couldn’t make it, never fear! The whole event has been recorded and is available now with English subtitles here on UltramanConnection.com under our Exclusive Videos category. 

The video is also available on the official ULTRAMAN YouTube channel, but if you stream it on UltramanConnection.com you get access to ten minutes of bonus content! That’s right, we got the chance to interview Lio (NOILION) and Miyavi on their contribution to Anime Ultraman. 

NOILION, the artist behind behind the unforgettable Anime Ultraman theme song and guitarist/songwriter Miyavi have joined forces to produce “RAYS”, the theme song for the final season of Anime Ultraman. Lio and Miyavi are captivating and eloquent as they answer questions about their process writing “RAYS”, their dynamic as a duo, their connections to Ultraman and much more. 

“Ultraman is established as a Japanese hero…We had Ultraman in our lives, our parents too. It’s surreal to see it developing now in real time and that we are part of it.”


NOILION follows up the inteview with a live performance of the Anime Ultraman theme song while Ultra suits battle behind her. As always, the combat choreography, dazzling suits, and talented performers contributed to a thrilling display. Not to mention we get to see the first ever live appearance of the JACK suit! 

Afterwards we get to meet the cast of Anime ULTRAMAN! The panel is hosted by Minoru Shiraishi, the actor who plays Rena’s manager in the show, as well as his assistant MC Ayari Takeda. They are joined by the charming voice actors, Ryohei Kimura (Shinjiro), Takuya Eguchi (Dan Moroboshi), Megumi Han (Seiji), Tomoaki Maeno (Kotaro Higashi), and Sumire Morohoshi (Rena), all of whom were sporting T-Shirts with the show’s key art. 

The shirts are on sale, available on Amazon until June 2nd so make sure to snatch one up before the day ends! 

The cast discuss their characters, reflect on the series in its entirety, make jokes, react to clips from the show, and introduce Anime ULTRAMAN merchandise including all new ULTRAMAN Box sets, figures, and apparel.  

The ULTRAMAN Final Season Celebration live event featured a variety of fun with even more musical performances by Miyavi and void_chords, and an adorable surprise birthday celebration for Eguchi and Maeno complete with roses. 

Make sure to tune in to Anime ULTRAMAN Final Season, now streaming on Netflix. We hope to see you at the next live event coming up in July so stay tuned for more updates here on UltramanConnection.com!