Ultraman New Generation Stars episode 10, “Interwoven Possibilities” follows Ultraman X as he reminisces on his various bonds and how they’ve gotten him through some of the trickiest situations he’s faced. Ultraman X expresses great gratitude for his relationship with his host Daichi Oozora, the Xio team, and all the noble Ultra Heroes that have come to his aid in the times humanity has needed them most. 

In the first recollection, Daichi unites with Ultraman  X to tackle Zetton, one of the toughest Kaiju in the history of the franchise. Things take a turn, however, when Kaito Touma, former of Team DASH equips Ultraman X with a Cyber Card-activated Cyber Armor meant to replicate Zetton’s abilities. But the armor malfunctions and immobilizes Ultraman X, rendering him incapable of battle. Alas, this was no malfunction! It was all part of a sinister trap set by an Alien Sran named Quila who had disguised himself as Kaito. Luckily, another “Kaito” appeared before transforming into his true form as Ultraman Max! 

However, X was forced against his will by the corrupted Zetton armor to attack Max alongside Quila, driving Daichi to take one last risky resort and merge the Cyber Zetton and Cyber Eleking cards. This would purge the virus infecting X and return his agency. X and Max defeat Quila and his Zetton with the Xanadium beam in a final miraculous blow, and Ultraman Max gifts Daichi the ability to call on him if ever necessary. 

Ultraman X credits his increase in strength to meeting other ‘fiery New Generation Ultras’ (love that term!). He then reflects on another battle, when the Gua Army sought to plunge the universe into darkness, sending their eldest, Mold Spectre, to invade Earth. Luckily, Ultraman X, Ultraman Ginga, and Ultraman Victory were able to convene and conquer the threat with the power of hope and teamwork. Ginga and Victory merged to create Gingavictory, a warrior more powerful than the sum of his parts! Ultraman X upgraded too, into his Exceed X form, and the two super-forms defeated Mold Spectre in a mesmerizing display of psychedelic light.  

X, ever humble, does not forget to commend the hard work of Xio and acknowledges that their technological prowess is what often gets even the Ultras out of binds. He acclaims Xio’s members for valiantly facing any enemy no matter how powerful, and essentially for representing the fearlessness and determination in all of us that makes humanity worth saving. 

We then get to see Xio’s skills exemplified in the battle between the evil Mecha Gomora and Cyber Gomora, the trusty ally that materialized as a result of Xio’s innovation and kindness that lets them bond with even Kaiju. 

Finally, Ultraman X looks back on a ruthless attack orchestrated by Zaigorg, the ancient inferno demon monster, in which X was joined by Ultraman and Ultraman Tiga to protect and defend humanity against an apocalyptic fate. Zaigorg is so mighty, however, that even the combined power of three experienced Ultras wasn’t enough on its own to guarantee victory. It was Xio’s technology paired with the hope of the planet that helped the Ultra bonds to coalesce into the ultimate Beta Spark Armor and finally consign Zaigorg to oblivion! 

This episode sheds light on the value in honoring the many relationships we cultivate as they all benefit us in unique and necessary ways. Whether it’s the relationship X shares with Daichi, the various alliances he has with his Ultraman allies, the symbiosis of the Ultras’ relationship with earthly defense teams like Xio, or even the overarching interdependent relationship the Land of Light has with Earth, it is clear that valuing those around us will always serve as beneficial in the end. 

Ultraman X ends the episode by saying “The bonds we formed with our friends… The infinite possibilities… Let’s pass them onto future generations,” and that, I believe, is the heart of the Ultraman New Generation Stars series. Make sure to check out Ultraman New Generation Stars on the Official Ultraman YouTube channel and stay tuned here on Ultraman Connection for more updates!