Ultraman New Generation Stars Episode 9 Review “Battle Across Dimensions!”

Ultraman New Generation Stars Episode 9 Review “Battle Across Dimensions!”

Ultraman New Generation Stars Episode 9, “Battle Across Dimensions! When the Aegis Shines” follows the complex and evolving relationship between Ultraman Zero, Ultraman X, and the Xio team. 

After having been instigated by the mysterious voice behind it all, Ultraman Zero is determined to get this Dimensionalizer dilemma over with. Exhausted by the idea of “mulling things over” to create the necessary psychic energy, Zero reaches out to Ultraman X and basically ensures that he’ll be carrying most of the weight. Zero blinks out of reach before Ultraman X has the chance to realize he’s been given the role of picking up the slack. With an exasperated sigh X states that “Zero is always like that,” and reminisces on one of their most epic team-ups. 

In an effort to identify the unknown particles in Ultraman X’s Xanadium Beam and emulate the technology themselves, the Xio team is transporting the Spark Dolls that the beam has produced to a lab for closer analysis. That is, until Black King hijacks their trip under the instruction of Bandello the Alien Nackle arms dealer! 

Xio puts up a good fight, but they are no match for Black King’s power. Daichi summons Ultraman X, who holds our antagonists off for a while, but not without the help of Ultraman Zero who spawns in at the perfect time and severs Black King’s mighty horn. 

Unfortunately, that does not prevent Bandello from stealing Xio’s van, complete with the Spark Doll haul and Xio’s very own tech inventor and engineer, the sweet-as-cotton-candy, Rui Takada. 

Xio tries their best to formulate a plan to save Rui from Bandello’s clutches, but their technology just isn’t fit for the job. Luckily, Rui is able to transmit a signal to Earth from Planet Guillermo where she is being held hostage. Ultraman Zero uses said signal to track down Bandello, who he has been pursuing throughout his travels to shut down the illegal intergalactic arms dealing operation.

Daichi asks for the Xio team to join Ultraman Zero but Zero claims they aren’t advanced enough yet and instead of trying to help them join him, he blinks out of reach. This is the first time in the series so far that we see an Ultra refuse to entertain a human’s desire to contribute. There’s something disheartening about the interaction, almost emulating the feeling of a father rejecting a son’s offer to help change oil on the family car. 

Daichi returns to the Xio base, defeated, but his attitude is quickly shifted when he realizes Alien Fanton and the rest of the team are doing everything they can to create a dimensional bridge to go help Zero save Rui! 

Meanwhile, on planet Guillermo, Rui is being slowly convinced against her nature to become a weapon craftswoman for Bandello and tarnish her own legacy in the name of survival of the fittest. She rejects the persuasion, though, and declares, “The strongest don’t always win. Even fragile lives find a lot of different ways to survive. It’s the people who don’t give up, who work hard, that win in the end!” 

This declaration speaks to the overarching theme of the episode. An Ultra is not just special for their brute force, Ultras are special for their ability to connect with humanity and their determination to help those more fragile than themselves. 

By simply deciding the humans weren’t capable of helping, in a way, Ultraman Zero strayed from his connection to humanity, despite feeling that he was doing them a service by facing the battle on his own. Similarly, in refusing to reminisce on his past and instead putting the burden on Ultraman X, Zero fell out of touch with the importance of the Ultra legacy, the very thing he is striving to protect. 

The danger of avoidance and self-possession is losing the thread of connection along the way. Sometimes we feel like we are more powerful on our own, or when we’re in a position of giving direction, but in reality, power is only as strong as it’s support. Ultraman Zero wouldn’t have been able to defeat Black King and Bandello if it weren’t for Ultraman X’s arrival with the help of Xio’s teamwork. 

At the same time, Ultraman X wouldn’t have been able to do it alone either. X commends Zero for his constant evolution, his unbelievable potential, and his reliability. Zero might’ve pulled his too-cool-for-school card and left Ultraman X to do the reminiscing, but after so many years of consistency, it seems he’s earned himself a favor in X’s book.

Through their bond, Ultraman X calls on Daichi to keep up the good work and to continue the manifestation of psychic energy necessary to preserve the Ultras legacy. Next week, the halfway mark in the series commences so stay tuned for more here on UltramanConnection.com!