Ultraman NYCC 2023 Live Spectacle — What Happened?

Ultraman NYCC 2023 Live Spectacle — What Happened?

Earlier this week, the Ultraman Series came to New York Comic Con to bring the series to fans in America in a new way, and this amazing event reached its peak Saturday at noon, when hundreds of Ultraman fans poured into the Javits Center to watch Ultraman Blazar Spectacle Live in NYCC 2023, the first New Generation Ultraman stage show to be shown anywhere in America. For an event that filled so many seats that it was practically standing room only, the question must be asked — What happened?! Read on and find out.

Held in Room 409 of the Javits Center and packed with over 500 attendees, the show started off with a bang — literally — as a group of Kaiju and aliens invaded the stage! Alien Magma, Dada, Black King, and Neronga menaced and threatened the audience, but didn’t get any further as Ultraman Blazar burst onto the scene and engaged all four of them at once! Teamwork did nothing to help Blazar’s foes as he tore through them easily, even going so far as to drive his Spiral Burrade into Neronga’s chest! His battle won, Blazar allowed himself a quick moment to enjoy the deafening applause from the now-saved audience before rushing away.

With the coast clear, the planned guests made their way to the stage: Major Attaway, Narrator for the English dub of Ultraman Blazar and the show’s MC, Ricco Fajardo, English voice of Yasunobu Bando, and Nicholas Andrew Louie, English voice of Teruaki Nagura. Though the three of them had never gotten to record together, they immediately got along like old friends, swapping stories and sharing amazing clips of Ultraman Blazar. Fans were regaled with their experiences, fun humor, and even Ricco’s own personal DX Earth Garon, “Earthy”!

After that, the true battle began, as a mysterious object fell from the sky, landing nearby and drawing in kaiju and aliens alike. SKaRD deployed Earth Garon, piloted by Yasunobu and Teruaki, to be investigate, whereupon they encountered Neronga and drove it off — Saving the day!


Unfortunately, no — Earth Garon was ambushed by two significantly more powerful aliens, Rainbow Yapool and Nodachi Zamsher, who nearly wrecked the plucky robot. Earth Garon was saved at the last minute by Ultraman Blazar, however, who proceeded to match the weapon skills of the aliens with his Tilsonite Sword and defeat both of them. If they were the threat SKaRD had detected, Earth was saved!

Unfortunately, they were not the last of the threats the evening held, as the source of the power that had attracted these threats finally reared its intimidating head — the King of Destruction, Infinite! Cannibalizing the power of his own allies to strengthen himself, Infinite threatened to wipe out Blazar — and shortly after, the Earth itself! Thankfully, Blazar was revived by the roaring chants of the crowd — and they WERE cheering loud enough to shake the building — and fought back, finally defeating Infinite and saving not just NYCC, but the entire world!

With the threat over, Ricco, Major, and Nicholas returned to the stage to thank Blazar — and Earth Garon — for their work, sharing a few more sneak peeks of the show before posing with the heroes and saying farewell to the guests!

An event like that was enough for any Ultraman series fan to go crazy over — but, of course, that wasn’t everything to come out of NYCC. Come back later to see even MORE amazing things that happened over the weekend, both in the Javits Center, and out in New York City!