Teaser Poster, Trailer & Character Information Revealed!

We are proud to announce that Ultraman Regulos will be coming soon to Ultraman Connection! This announcement includes the release of a teaser poster, teaser trailer, details of the opening theme, and the newest information surrounding central characters featured in the series. 

Ultraman Regulos will be the first show to center around the mysterious titular hero, who made his stunning debut in Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad, the third installment of the Ultra Galaxy Fight series. The show will finally reveal the shocking past of this hero who is still heavily shrouded in mystery.

The newly released trailer grants a first-listen to the series’ theme song “fist of hope”. Shugo Nakamura, the Japanese voice actor for Ultraman Regulos, wrote, composed, and sang the new song, breathing passion into the show.


Finally, and for the first time, here is information about the “Cosmo Beast Fighters,” characters integral to the series. Through making a contract with the “Cosmo Beast” spirits, they fight with the “Cosmo Beast Style,” a legendary martial art rumored to be the strongest in the universe. 

Ultraman Connection will have more information on Ultraman Regulos very soon!

About Ultraman Regulos

Teaser Trailer

The past of the mysterious hero, Ultraman Regulos, is revealed at last.

The origin of Regulos opens to Shugo Nakamura’s “fist of hope”.

Theme “fist of hope” by Shugo Nakamura, the Japanese Voice Actor of Ultraman Regulos

Title: “fist of hope”

Written & Composed by: Shugo Nakamura

Arranged by: Jun Murayama

Performed by: Shugo Nakamura

Hello everyone, I’m Shugo Nakamura. By some miracle, not only am I tasked with voicing Ultraman Regulos, I also was tasked with his theme song! I put a great deal of passion into writing and composing it. I hope listeners will hear the song and raise their own fist of hope towards the future. I hope you enjoy it!

Character Profile

A Young, Red Fighter: Ultraman Regulos (Early Style)

Ultraman Regulos in his younger days.

Height: 52 meters

Weight: 47,000 tons

An Ultraman who ended up on Planet D60 close-to-death.

He has no memories save his name, Regulos.

He’s scouted by Master Alude who takes him into the Cosmo Beast Style martial art.

He trains alongside his fellow disciples.

Wielders of the Power of Cosmo Beast Spirits, the Legendary Space Martial Artists: the Cosmo Beast Fighters

Master Alude

Height: 65 meters

Weight: 50,000 tons

Strongest practitioner and Grand Master of the Cosmo Beast Style.

A master of the ultimate Juggernaut Charging Buffalo Fist.

Instructor Phoros

Height: 48 meters

Weight: 40,000 tons

Instructor of the Cosmo Beast Style.

He is extremely serious and respects the Cosmo Beast style more than anyone.

Master of the Lightning White Tiger Fist, which wields the power of thunder.

He strikes with a sharp blow of lightning.


Height: 50 meters

Weight: 42,000 tons

Master of the Flaming Red Dragon Fist, which wields the power of fire.

An adept at accurately striking an opponent’s weak spot, he is a free-spirited fighter who dislikes conforming to rules and conventions.


Height: 40 meters

Weight: 30,000 tons

A female Cosmo Beast Fighter who cares a lot about Regulos.

Master of the Rapid Frozen Panther Fist, which wields the power of frost.

She throws freezing strikes faster than the eye can see.


Height: 49 meters

Weight: 37,000 tons

Cosmo Beast Fighter, and senior disciple to Regulos.

A master of the Leaping Spirit Crane Fist, which wields the power of wind.

He can move gracefully in the air and slice his opponents.


Height: 46 meters

Weight: 40,000 tons

Cosmo Beast Fighter, and senior disciple to Regulos.

A master of Phantom Water Snake Fist, which wields the power of water.

He strikes water currents into opponents with grace.

Series Overview

Title: Ultraman Regulos

Currently in production (will come to Ultraman Connection)

Director: Koichi Sakamoto

Screenplay: Junichiro Ashiki

Created by Tsuburaya Productions

Official Website: https//m-78.jp/galaxy-fight/regulos/English/

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/TsuburayaGlobal

Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tsuburayaglobal

Ultraman Connection: https://www.ultramanconnection.com/