With only two more weeks until the broadcast of our new series, we’ve decided to do something to get you fans excited! The entire cast of Ultraman Z is coming together in an online event held on Friday, June 5, at 5:00 PM, Tokyo-time to talk about this amazing program. Reruns will be available for anyone who misses the show!

Ultraman Z will be airing Saturday mornings at 9 AM on TV Tokyo and other TXN Network channels in Japan starting from June 20, 2020. To tide you over until then, we have some new details about the show!

  • We are unveiling the new poster, the international logo and new information on the series! Look to our official website for the series (in Japanese), which is also being renewed.
  • The character voice for the Anti-Monster Robot Force “STORAGE” AI will be performed by Katsumi Fukuhara, who won this year’s 14th Seiyu Award for Best New Actor.
  • And most excitingly, we will be live broadcasting an Ultraman Z online event on June 5th at 5:00 PM, Tokyo Time.

At this online event, you will get to see our entire cast!

  • Haruki Natsukawa (played by Kohshu Hirano)
  • Yoko Nakashima (played by Rima Matsuda)
  • Yuka Ohta (played by Hikari Kuroki)
  • Shota Hebikura (played by Takaya Aoyagi)
  • Shinya Kaburagi (played by Rihito Noda)
  • Kojiro Inaba (played by Jun Hashizume)
  • Director Kuriyama (played by Hisahiro Ogura)

…as well as the primary director for the series, Kiyotaka Taguchi!

As the broadcast of Ultraman Z draws near, the cast and crew will introduce some highlights of the series and talk about their excitement for the project. Please stay tuned!

Don’t forget that this is in local time! For foreign audiences, please check the local time in your region.

Please understand that no subtitles will be allowed for the live event.

  • Live Broadcast Date and Time

Friday, June 5th, 2020 from 5:00 PM (1 hour) Japan Standard Time

  • Featured Presenters*

Kohshu Hirano, Rima Matsuda, Hikari Kuroki, Takaya Aoyagi, Rihito Noda, Jun Hashizume, Hisahiro Ogura, Kiyotaka Taguchi

  • Rerun Information



Each episode will be available for 2 weeks. Please accept our apologies; the rerun might not be able to view in some regions.

  • Ultraman Z Production Staff

Alongside our main director, Kiyotaka Taguchi, we would like to announce all directors, screenwriters, and music artists.

Main Director: Kiyotaka Taguchi

Story Editor: Kota Fukihara, Kiyotaka Taguchi

Directors: Kiyotaka Taguchi, Takanori Tsujimoto, Koichi Sakamoto, Kazuhiro Nakagawa, Katsuro Onoue, Masayoshi Takesue, Tomonobu Koshi, Naoyuki Uchida

Screenwriters: Kota Fukihara, Tomo Suzuki, Takao Nakano, Sotaro Hayashi, Yuji Kobayashi, Toshizo Nemoto, Jun Tsugita, Ryo Ikeda

Music: Hijiri Anze

*Actors may change without prior notice.

**The live broadcast will be held with the necessary precautions, including disinfection, taking temperatures, a medical professional during the broadcast, and ventilation measures.

In memory of story editor Kota Fukihara

On May 17th, 2020, noted screenwriter Kota Fukihara tragically passed away. In honor of his memory and in accordance with his wishes, the staff will continue to strive to create an amazing final product for the series to which he gave all his spirit.

—From the production staff of Ultraman Z

Ultraman Z Series Overview

Broadcast Start Date: 6/20/2020 (Saturday)

Broadcast Time: Every Saturday from 9:00~9:30 AM

Broadcast Channel: TXN Network and others

Production Companies: Tsuburaya Productions, TV Tokyo, and Dentsu

Official Series Website (Japanese):  http://ani.tv/ultraman_z/

Tsuburaya Global Corporate Webstie:  https://en.tsuburaya-prod.co.jp/

Ultraman Galaxy (Official North American Website):  https://ultramangalaxy.com/

Official Twitter:  https://twitter.com/TsuburayaGlobal

Actors: Kohshu Hirano, Rima Matsuda, Hikari Kuroki, Takaya Aoyagi, Rihito Noda,

Jun Hashizume, Hisahiro Ogura, Tatsuomi Hamada, and others

Character Voices: Tasuku Hatanaka, Mamoru Miyano, Katsumi Fukuhara, and others

Main Director: Kiyotaka Taguchi

Theme Song: Masaaki Endoh, “GOSHOWA KUDASAI WARE NO NA WO! (Chant My Name!)”

Ending Song: Nami Tamaki, “Connect the Truth”

Music: Hijiri Anze