Ultraman Zero Steals the Show!

Ultraman Zero Steals the Show!

It’s the 15th anniversary of Ultraman Zero! This legendary hero has spent a decade and a half protecting the innocent from threats of all kinds, in multiple universes!

Actually, wow, Zero’s been to a lot of different universes — more than any other Ultra, in fact! As a hero that bridges every generation of the Ultraman Series, Zero has stuck his colorful fingers into the affairs of so many Ultraman heroes, there’s not actually enough space in this article to talk about them all! So we’re going to focus on just a few of them. 

Ground rules: If Zero’s the hero of the story, he’s not getting into anyone else’s business! We love the Ultimate Force Zero and Revenge of Belial too, but that is kind of his story, you know? In addition, a momentary cameo doesn’t quite count — Zero has to actively make himself part of the struggle. With that in mind, we’re off!

One of the earliest examples is during Ultraman Ginga S The Movie: Showdown! The 10 Ultra Warriors! When the demon Etelgar began sealing various Ultras into mirrors, Zero bulldozed his way into Ginga and Victory’s Earth, grabbing the two heroes and putting them through some brutal training — just like he experienced under his teacher, Ultraman Leo! All of this was for the sake of allowing them to grow and even combine into GingaVictory for the sake of defeating Etelgar, but that didn’t make it any easier!

The next time Zero showed up was during Ultraman X, when he pursued the Alien Nackle Bandello across dimensions, onto the Earth of Ultraman X and then later onto a desolate alien world the despicable alien was using as his hideout. This time, Zero almost felt like he was dragging X into his own adventure, but considering how smitten kidnapped XIO scientist Ruri was towards Zero (to the exclusion of X!), he certainly stole the show — hence the article name.

Zero next made a cameo — a real cameo, funnily enough — during the events of Ultraman Orb the Movie: Let Me Borrow the Power of Bonds!, chasing after a rampaging Galactron. Though his time there was short, he was sure to warn Orb that somebody was sending monsters like this Galactron to Earth, recommending that he watch out!

After this point, Zero became the, well, co-star of Ultraman Geed, but that’s a story for another time — as you can see, Zero is fairly ubiquitous as the Ultra running around the multiverse. As Zero’s 15th Anniversary continues, rest assured, Ultraman Connection will be covering all his various appearances. Make sure to stay close to UC to learn everything you can, or risk being 20,000 years too late for the party!