What is a Cyber Kaiju?

What is a Cyber Kaiju?

Kaiju are an integral part of the Ultraman Series, and their relationship with humanity and aliens. Kaiju have been managed, created, fused, anything you can imagine. It was 2014’s Ultraman X, however, that introduced a completely unique “species” of Kaiju, with a unique tie to humanity  — the Cyber Kaiju.

The process by which a Cyber Kaiju is created is fairly unique. In the world of Ultraman X, the Earth is filled with Spark Dolls, toy-sized petrified Kaiju — and when these Spark Dolls are exposed to the energy of the Ultra Flare, they rapidly grow and rampage. However, these Kaiju, almost always, are simply a natural part of the world, even if they are one that, in their giant state, is incompatible with human society. Sadly, in the past, the forces of humanity were incapable of returning the Kaiju to their miniaturized form — it is only in the time since Ultraman X arrived on Earth that they are capable of being returned to the form of a Spark Doll.

XIO (Xeno Invasion Outcutters), the team in Japan dedicated to protecting the people from Kaiju attacks, is compassionate towards the Kaiju — an attitude exemplified by their science officer, Daichi Oozora. In order to prove the compatibility of Kaiju and humanity and stand against bigger threats, the science team, led by Alien Fanton Dr. Gourman, developed the “Cyber Kaiju System.” 

By connecting the consciousness of the Spark Dolls in their possession to a data recreation of their full bodies, in theory, XIO is able to create “Cyber Kaiju”, artificial monsters that can be controlled by humanity. However, in order to maintain a material body, the Cyber Kaiju require a strong bond with the human commanding them — as such, the only viable Cyber Kaiju is Cyber Gomora, made from a Gomora Spark Doll that Daichi has cared for as family since a young age, and views humanity positively.

While other Kaiju cannot be materialized in the same way as Gomora, their data is stored and utilized in “Cyber Cards,” which recreate specific elements of phenomena associated with those Kaiju — or interface with Ultraman X to create his “MonsArmor” armaments!

There are many secrets and unique elements within Ultraman X, even among the whole of the Ultraman Series — to find out more, stay close to Ultraman Connection!