Who is Astra?

Who is Astra?

Ultraman Leo is not the only old friend of Ultraman Regulos that audiences have met before — nor the only one to have gone through the trauma of the loss of their homeland. Ultraman Leo has a brother, Astra, his fellow survivor — and fellow legendary hero.

Before the fall of L77, the twin princes, Leo and Astra, were an unbeatable combination, a pair of martial artists whose greatest skill was their teamwork. In contrast to the bright and cheerful Leo, Astra was a slightly more soft-spoken warrior, but both brothers found strength in one another — as well as their beloved pet, Ron. The two were even known for their skill on L77’s brother planet, D60, where they honed their skills against the practitioners of the Cosmo Beast Style, the most powerful martial arts in the universe.

Unfortunately, everything changed when the Magma Empire invaded L77. Its people were slaughtered practically to the last, and the planet was annihilated. Leo managed to escape the planet with Ron, but Astra was thought lost with the rest of their people. Unfortunately, Astra was not so lucky. Captured by the Magma, he was held as a slave, bound by a chain that even to this day binds his leg.

Thankfully, Astra’s fate was not to remain a slave. Instead, he was rescued from the Magma by the legendary sage of the Land of Light, Ultraman King. To add to Astra’s joy, King informed him of his brother’s survival, and life on Earth as Gen Otori. Immediately, he rushed off to meet his brother — and his timing was impeccable, as Leo was, at that time, getting beaten badly by the monster brothers Garon and Littre.

Upon reuniting with his brother, Astra and Leo reminded the universe why they are an unbeatable combination, utterly destroying the brother monsters with their signature paired attack, the Ultra Double Flasher.

Though Astra would not stay and adopt a human identity like Leo, he would commonly appear when needed to back up his brother, and the legend of the Leo Brothers would become one of the most famous pairs of warriors to protect the Earth. Now many years later, neither Leo nor Astra remain on the Land of Light, instead living on Planet King — but if they are needed, both Leo and Astra will always return!