YouPi and His Robot Friends!

YouPi and His Robot Friends!

Hello, UC Fans! Did you meet YouPi today?

YouPi is the newest friendly robot to be a part of the Ultraman Series, and we can already tell that it will be very popular. With an adorable, rabbit-esque aesthetic, big friendly eyes, and a helpful demeanor, we’re confident that it will be plenty of help to Yuma Hize and SKIP!

Did you guys know, however, that YouPi has many wonderful predecessors in the Ultraman Series? Many times, the day has been saved from dangerous Kaiju and Aliens only due to the intervention of a wonderful mechanical pal! Let’s take a look at a few today.

If you’ve been watching the Ultraman Series recently, you may remember HANE2, AKA Hanejiro from Ultraman Decker! An advanced AI designed to help pilot the high-spec GUTS-Select fighter jets during the Sphere Invasion, Hanejiro was far more than a simple machine, and was even the first one to discover Kanata Asumi’s secret identity as Ultraman Decker!

When Riku Asakura, AKA Ultraman Geed, first came across the underground ship base Nebula House, it was Rem, short for Resource Management, that greeted him. Granting him the Riser he would use to transform and informing him of his true nature as an Ultraman, Rem would be a steadfast ally and true friend to Riku and his friends, choosing them over her creators — Kei Fukuide and Ultraman Belial.

The adorable robot Clevergon was born to be a kid’s best friend — literally! Built from a discarded toy robot and given to young Musashi Haruno, Clevergon remained a friend of Musashi for over a decade, growing up with him and helping him out as best he could during the Baltan Crisis and the battles against the Chaos Header!

There are many, many robots in the Ultraman Series — many bad, but many good! For every King Joe and Terraphaser, there’s a Hanejiro, or, well, a YouPi! Do you have a favorite robot pal that we didn’t mention? Tell us about them on our twitter!