This week on Ultraman Blazar episode 13, “SKaRD Nocturne”, we got to see a side of our beloved team that usually gets pushed aside in favor of prioritizing more pressing issues. Between Kaiju attacks, alien invasions, strange conspiracies, and Captain Gento dealing with balancing his bond with Blazar and his own identity, we don’t get a lot of down time with the crew that keeps everything afloat.

The SKaRD team, despite their professionalism and impressive skill, are mostly appreciated by fans for their buoyant dynamic and unique qualities. There’s never a dull moment and the dynamic is always fun and light even in the face of adversity. This episode highlighted that nature, and helped us get to know the members better through their interactions with each other. 

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In fact, the playfulness of the episode extended past friendly interactions between Anri and Emi. The cinematography stayed fun and engaging even though most of the episode takes place at headquarters. 

It’s not all fun and games though. Although many refer to the episode as a “recap”, it’s still a canonical part of the series and definitely offers plot points that will be integral moving forward.

We put together some pretty important pieces on the influx of Kaiju invasions, although many fans already had their corkboards and yarn ready weeks ago.

As always, we get some good answers, and some even better new questions…

The mystery of Blazar seems to deepen with each episode, and yet there is an order to how it’s all coming together. I think it’s fair to say, we’re all trusting the process.

And no we didn’t forget… Happy 24th birthday Libra queen Emi, from Ultraman Connection and all the loyal Blazar fans!

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