Ultraman Connection @ NYCC 2023 Panel — What Happened?

Ultraman Connection @ NYCC 2023 Panel — What Happened?

New York Comic Con has begun! And what a beginning it was, with a dynamite Ultraman Connection panel that brought amazing guests from screen and page right to the fans! Read on, and find out exactly what happened!

Jeff Gomez, producer and devoted steward of the Ultraman Continuum, greeted fans as they piled in, followed by Ultraman Connection staff EJ Couloucoundis and Evangelia Artemis. Together, the UC team welcomed a bevy of amazing guests — From Ultraman Blazar came the English voice of Teruaki Nagura, Nicholas Andrew Louie, and the show’s English narrator, Major Attaway! And from the smash-hit Marvel Ultraman comics came writer Mat Groom and artist Francesco Manna!

Immediately, the guests’ attention turned to Ultraman Blazar, and specifically, its english dub. Major and Nicholas were happy to share some of the circumstance that had brought them to work with the Ultraman series, as well as a few extra-special moments associated with their work — Major was happy to rattle off a few of the best one-liners that he had delivered at the end of episodes up to now, while Nicholas, of course, gave his interpretation of the legendary line that had made Teruaki Nagura a household name: “IT SUNK?!”

After that, Jeff interviewed Mat and Francesco, talking about not only the design and storyline behind the amazing Marvel Ultraman comics, but also their impression and opinion of Ultraman Blazar! The future of the Ultraman comics is still under wraps, but we did get a few little hints — and then gave out gorgeous Ultraman/Avengers prints to the audience!

In addition, shortly after talking about The Mystery of Ultraseven, the latest Ultraman comic., EJ and Jeff broke out the NYCC-exclusive S.H.Figuarts Ultraseven (Marvel) figure! The audience and guests alike ooh’d and ahh’d over the toy — and the panel wasn’t allowed to continue until EJ and Jeff promised Mat and Francesco would get their own figures afterwards

The audience were the real winners during this panel, to be honest — just a few moments later, they all got an extra-special appearance, not from a figure, but from the real Ultraseven! Seven stayed for photos and made sure that everybody got to meet him — and on the way out, the attendees got free autographs from all the guests!

This was a truly packed panel, and we didn’t even get into the special code drop for the Ultraman Connection Collection contest! We’d tell you what the code is, but it was just for attendees! For the rest of you, you’ll have to enter the old-fashioned way to win tons of amazing prizes — right here!

There’s plenty more to come all weekend as Ultraman and Ultraman Connection take over New York Comic Con — so keep watching the site to see what happens next! Until then!